How did you decide it was time to enter maintenance?

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There are several different methodologies for calculating what "ideal weight" should be. Furthermore, "normal" BMI also has a bit of a range to it, so what was the deciding factor for you in determining "Ok, time to stop cutting".

I am down to 175 pounds as of this morning, having lost more than 100 pounds over the course of almost the last 14 months. I am 6 foot tall and 28 years old. Just trying to decide what my next move will be so I thought I would ask others who have already been down this road.


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    I reached 165 last year (at 5' 10") and then ended up with an injury. I regained some weight, but am back down to 166 right now. The last time I reached that weight, I reassessed for a couple weeks and decided what my next phase was. I say try maintenance for a few weeks and make some new goals, whether that's fitness, recomp, muscle gain, etc.

    My goal right now is to get my Achilles ready for running again. I wouldn't mind getting down to 160 pounds but am not stressing towards that or rushing to get there. I've set a goal of running again at the beginning of 2018, so doing a lot of rehab, strength training, and stretching of the leg/calf and Achilles area.

    If I were you, try maintenance for a while and just set yourself a new baseline; from there, you can decide where you want to take yourself next.
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    I set a goal weight (my favourite adult weight) - got to goal weight - switched to maintenance.

    After a few months I reassessed and changed my goal weight by a few pounds. Did that a few times....
    Simply based on asking a question of myself would I look/feel/perform better at this current weight or lower or higher? (See my profile for more detail if interested - it's not that interesting though!)

    Nothing you decide now is set in stone forever.

    having lost more than 100 pounds
    Well done!
    It's going to take some time for you to get used to such a radical change.
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    I set a goal weight and when I reached it I was still unhappy with my body. I wasn't tired of cutting at the time so I set a new goal and kept losing. After reaching that goal I thought I would try for a few more pounds. Well my body was just done being in a deficit. I was cranky and exhausted all the time. My weight is really ideal but my bf %is higher than I would like... So now I'm recomping/maintaining, I've been doing this since mid July.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
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    the moment I wasn't willing to eat any less long term or exercise anymore and I stopped loosing weight. I lost weight as I wan to maintain it and when I felt I am at my limit about how much more I am willing to change long term

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    I'm 6'2" and initially set my target range at 180-185. I started to phase to maintenance at 180 such that I ate at a slight deficit for a couple of more weeks until my morning weight was regularly in the high 170's. My personal guideline has evolved to 185 as the max for what I want to weigh at any point during the day (including water weight), and 175 for the absolute lowest I want to see on the scale.

    No reason for choosing my target range other than 1.) it's a weight I'm comfortable with maintaining, 2.) it's not so thin that I look emaciated, 3.) it's square in the middle of 'normal' on the BMI charts (not that it's worth much, but still.), and 4.) if I drop below 175, it'll put me down one more shirt and waist size rendering the clothes I bought during my weight loss totally useless.
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    Congrats on your loss!

    Deciding to maintain doesn't mean you have to stop setting goals. You can work on fitness, body composition etc.

    I don't know when I will get to that point myself, as every time I get down to goal I want to push it a step further and add more muscle. I say take it one step at a time! Good luck
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    I opted for the lower half to middle of my healthy BMI (22) as my goal in the end Figured that would be a good weight Had another look around the internet and they seemed to agree with me. So that is where I am now
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    You seem to be at a very healthy weight for your height and age. From there, it's largely based on your goals for your body. You are at a point where you can focus on recomp. You might also consider doing a hydrotank body fat test to see where you're at and set more goals if that area interests you.
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    Congratulations! You are currently at a fine weight. I struggled with this, too. My conclusion is that there is no formula for the exact right weight for a particular person. Go into maintenance and see how you feel.
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    I stopped losing weight. I set my calories during weight loss based on maintenance calories at my goal weight. I stopped logging my food after a few weeks but tried to stay at the same intake level. I stopped losing a little above my goal weight, but I was in the healthy range and was satisfied with how I looked and felt so I didn't adjust. I have since gained and lost several times and am now 2 lbs below my original goal, but I imagine the holidays will spoil that. ;)