Run Trackers?

Hey ya'll!

What are some good tracker apps you use for running? I tried using Map My Run the other day but the distance tracker on it malfunctioned.

I'm also just starting out so I'm not looking to invest in a FitBit or a Nike+ shoe insert.



  • MeanderingMammal
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    Personally I'd generally recommend Runkeeper, Endomondo or Strava.

    I've consistently had trouble with MapMyFitness and Runtastic, so generally wouldn't recommend either. Some people love them though.

    The issue you've gt is that they're all reliant on the phone GPS, so if that's problematic then you're stuck.
  • ritzvin
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    Endomondo, strava. If it crashed, close out the other apps during your run so less chance it will run out of memory.
  • ABabilonia
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    I personally like MapMyRun, but whatever app you use I wouldn't recommend a FitBit for running. You will be better off with a Garmin (Personal opinion). I have the FitBit Blaze and it's very inaccurate tracking distances plus you need to use your phone for the GPS. I'm running with my Garmin Forerunner 15 now and it's perfectly in synch with MapMyRun. Good luck and have fun!
  • ashley52601
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    For no good reason I use both my old Garmin 310 watch (I love it!) and map my run. Accuracy seems about the same but I would choose the watch over the app any day. As long as you don't have issues with the GPS on your phone, I would imagine map my run would be pretty reliable.
  • jjpptt2
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    Another vote for stava.
  • mitch16
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    I have a Garmin Fenix 5S and I use Garmin Connect/Strava to track my running, cycling, and swimming.
  • ritzvin
    ritzvin Posts: 2,849 Member
    If you ever run with a group, then I add an upvote for strava.
  • Bluepegasus
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    I've used map my run for years with no trouble, but now I use a Garmin connected with it.
  • MissMaggieMuffin
    MissMaggieMuffin Posts: 444 Member
    I've also used Map My Run for many years - for both running and cycling.
    Had a problem with it a couple of times but was able to solve that by restarting my phone, so do a restart regularly now.
  • iamthemotherofdogs
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    I love CharityMiles
  • stanmann571
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    Go ahead and get an entry level garmin with GPS. You'll be glad you did. You can sync with Strava or whatever other run mapping program you want to use.
  • Duck_Puddle
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    I love CharityMiles

    I use runkeeper and charity miles for everything. I also have a fancy Garmin, but since I have my phone anyway (music and safety), I’ll score some $ for charity just by turning on the Charity Miles app. I also use runkeeper in case my Garmin goes funky and because I’ve used that since before I had a Garmin and I have my phone anyway.

    Edit:Charity miles is a fantastic app that allows your favorite charity to get money (from someone else) based on how many miles you walk/bike/run/etc. It would be a horrible app to try and track your training as there’s almost no info. It’s still a fantastic app though.
  • o5suyee
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    Thank you for your helpful responses!