I'm in the fight for my life. I plan and prepare eat and do everything right and then something major happens that throws it all into the wind. This month is the addition of a two year old and a four year old who's mother can't take care of them due to a plethera if bad choices ( my daughter's best friend) so here I am 51 overweight with a mess if health issues one being pre diabetes and I'm cooking to please my two men, (my 24 year old son and my husband) as well as two picky children. I don't have time to take care of my own needs and it's frustrating if I take time to prepare what my guys want then figure out what I can get the girls to eat I'm too exhausted to prepare my own so I eat what the others are eating. Ugh anyone have any advice?


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    Breathe...Taking care of little ones is exercise. Make good food choices. One hour at a time!
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    Ask for help- your two men can help with the little ones and help you prepare food together as a family.
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    Remember, you are teaching those young ones correct habits too! They will model you whether you think so or not!
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    Bless you for taking in those two children! Talk about a major life change.

    I agree with the comment that your son and husband can and should do more. You can't do everything for everyone, nor should you be expected to. With such a drastic change to your household I suggest doing something like a large chalk board or marker board and set aside 15 min. each week to assign chores to everyone so that things get done and it's not all on you.

    You HAVE to put yourself first and take care of yourself before you can be of any benefit to others. Not only do you need to practice that daily, but you need to set that example for all of your family members.

    I know it's easier said than done, but the sooner and more effective you are at delegating and prioritizing yourself the better you will feel and the better the entire family unit will work as a whole. Good luck!
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    Plan to streamline, prepare for real life events. Ask your family what they want, but whoever is the cook that day, gets to decide. Prepare one dinner per day. When the meal is on the table, everybody sits down and eat the same things, but every person can choose how much they want of each of the items that are served.
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    That is really great to receive this advice thank you all especially for taking the time to share your thoughts