ankle weights or no ankle weights

what is your opinion on putting ankle weights while walking? is there a benefit to having them on?


  • MeanderingMammal
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    rterry1968 wrote: »
    is there a benefit to having them on?

  • BrianSharpe
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    If you're walking an extra 10lbsmeans burning 3.1 cal more per mile.....hardly worth the risk of injury associated with them.

    Ankle weights are useful for resistance exercises like leg raises etc.
  • iamthemotherofdogs
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    They're pretty awful for your knees, according to my physical therapist uncle.
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    thank you everyone
  • TavistockToad
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    rterry1968 wrote: »
    what is your opinion on putting ankle weights while walking? is there a benefit to having them on?

    No, lots and lots of no.
  • lemmie177
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    I've read that it alters your natural gait and can lead to injury. If you want to do loaded walking, a backpack or just carrying something in hand (farmer's carry) is a better option.
  • Gisel2015
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    Nope, no, no, no. It's a no-no for walking :s . Ankle weights are used for PT knee and hip rehabilitation, so they are good for doing leg lifts or leg curls if you don't have access to a machine.
  • GiddyupTim
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    If you want extra weight, why don't you carry some dumbbells.
    The trouble with ankle weights is that they add more heft in a way that is unnatural. They add weight in the swing of the leg. But the way you use strength in your legs naturally is in the push off the ground.
    It's like the difference between the leg extension machine and a squat. You sometimes see experts advising against the leg extension machine (except for bodybuilders?) because that is not naturally the way your leg pushes against force. Normally, in day to day activities, and sports, your leg works hard by pushing against the ground, as in a squat.
    Seems to me that ankle weights would just lead to undo stress in the wrong direction, and potential hyperextension, of the knee.
    Carrying dumbbells you will be exerting more effort against a higher weight, but your legs will be working in the normal way they do, exerting their force against the ground.
  • UncelDolan09
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    As most of the above said, ankle weights add unnatural weight. If you want to add weight easily, fill a backpack with water bottles (make sure it fits right). Kinda like marching training in the military (without the gear).
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    I have two sets of them ... a light set and a heavy set. The light set is so light it's not much different from wearing winter boots. So ... what's the point?

    The heavy set ... well, I agree with the comment that they alter your gait. You have to walk awkwardly, and for whatever reason, I always felt slightly dizzy when I took them off after a walk. I haven't used them in at least a decade ... for walking.

    Instead I roll them up and use them as hand weights ... curls, triceps, etc. Just a quick, light "workout" now and then if I'm sitting and watching TV or something.

    I walk between work and university once or twice a week ... 4-5 km in total ... and I carry a heavy backpack with books, maybe a laptop sometimes, etc. etc. I figure that's better.