Calories and travel... HELP!?



  • nowine4me
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    It makes me cringe when people say they’re “terrified” here. I felt that way at the beginning, but have since learned to relax and enjoy.

    Order thoughtfully when dining out, watch the calories from booze and move lots every day. Yes, it really is that simple.
  • cwolfman13
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    I usually lose weight when I travel, even if not intended...especially overseas or just about anywhere but the US, portions are smaller.

    I'm also way more active in my day to day when I'm traveling...lots of walking around seeing this or that or the other. I'm on the go most of the time, so usually way less snacking. When I'm at home I'm sitting behind a desk for 8 hours 5 days per week and,'s 3 PM and I'm bored so I guess I'll have a snack.

    Just enjoy your trip.
  • acheben
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    Thanks guys! I'll be there for about 2 months. Which is what is what concerns me.. I've done a lot of googling ( and yes I know how bad that can be) but a lot of people gain seem to say they've gained 10+ pounds in weeks.. I want to experience the food I'm just worried I'll end up throwing my whole diet out the window and come back and see it all gained back again.. especially since I haven't really had butter or pastries in months..

    I managed to maintain my weight during a 3 month assignment to Italy. I didn't have a body weight scale, but I packed my food scale for around the apartment. We didn't eat out every meal, but I didn't feel like I missed anything or deprived myself of the experience. It also really helped that we only had one car, so I did a ton of walking daily and kept up my running (which was a mildly terrifying experience every time).

    Good luck with it and enjoy yourself!
  • nicholethompson24
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    I spent 6 weeks in Germany, did not track food during that time, and lost 5 pounds. As everyone says, you will most likely walk a lot more plus the food is generally healthier and served in smaller portions. Have fun!
  • dwilliamca
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    Ditto the above statements about Europe. AMs we ate a croissant and coffee or maybe some fruit from a street market. Even B&B's served healthy breakfasts with great choices. For lunch we usually stopped at 3 or 4 different establishments and bought fresh bread, meat, & often a bottle of wine. Crepes are also fairly light. Dinners we ate out, but most were modest compared to U.S. We had pizza at least once a week and it is much lighter than ours. As people mention we walked a lot even taking the buses and metros. Have a great trip and enjoy the food.