What to eat before a morning workout

princillaawuah Posts: 13 Member
Any suggestions with what to eat before my 8am workout? I do 60 minutes of cardiovascular at the gym


  • tcarroll120
    tcarroll120 Posts: 49 Member
    Something small. An apple or banana. Then I would eat a larger meal after.
  • princillaawuah
    princillaawuah Posts: 13 Member
    That's a good idea...lately I would have 1 slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • bebeisfit
    bebeisfit Posts: 951 Member
    I think everyone is different. I need more than a piece of fruit. I have either a bowl of shredded wheat and small banana or oatmeal (with raisins, chia seeds) and a few cups of coffee.
  • MindfulDecision
    MindfulDecision Posts: 42 Member
    Two cups of coffee...wait an hour before workout. Than after workout I eat my breakfast.
  • YosemiteSlamAK
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    If you need to fuel up before your workout, I'd suggest a little bit of protein and some carbs. For instance, I eat some black beans(drained & rinsed to reduce my sodium), diced potato & cheddar cheese in a bowl before I head out to the gym and I feel better than when I don't eat or skip out on the carbs.
  • MsHarryWinston
    MsHarryWinston Posts: 1,027 Member
    I like a nice light carb/protein/fat combo. Just a couple hundred calories worth for a bit of an energy boost.
    I can NOT eat a full meal, I will feel sick and horrible.
  • kimothy38
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    I drink 300ml of BCAA - made a big difference to my morning training.
  • hisamazinggirl
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    I work out first for an hour and a half and then go home eat some chick :) thats my lunch . I don't feel hungry fater working out but i know i need food
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    That's a good idea...lately I would have 1 slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter

    If that is working for you, then why change it? That's a nice balance of carbs/protein/fat without being a heavy meal.

    I normally eat a bowl of oatmeal with coconut, pecans, and craisins with about half a cup of greek yogurt 30 minutes or so before a workout. I don't feel at all well working out on an empty stomach. Yoga is the exception as I only have tea beforehand and do it early morning before the hunger sets in.

    Post workout meal is something light like a boiled egg and half an apple.
  • sijomial
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    The range is anywhere from nothing at all to lots of food - as long as you can exercise comfortably with a load of food in your stomach of course. (No-one appreciates barfing in the gym!)

    A one hour workout doesn't NEED anything special at all so just do what suits you in terms of how you feel and how it fits in your schedule.
  • Hungry_Shopgirl
    Hungry_Shopgirl Posts: 329 Member
    Whatever works for you. For me, it's nothing. I workout first thing in the morning, and eat breakfast afterwards.

    If I eat anything at all before working out I get bad cramps, so I don't have anything but water before or during. If I'm going longer than usual or had a very light dinner the night before, I drink half a glass of fruit juice.
  • texasmommy9285
    texasmommy9285 Posts: 1 Member
    2 dates and a boiled egg white.