Binge eating recovery?

Hi, I'm basically just wanting to see if there is anyone out there who has overcome binge eating. Any words of advice? Did your weight stabilise when the binging stopped?


  • shootingstar2005
    shootingstar2005 Posts: 9 Member
    After I binge on bad food I start the next day with a sweaty workout and then drink lots of tea with a little Truvia sweetener...salad for lunch...more veggies and fish or chicken for dinner....then I loose water weight after doing this a few days after a binge. It's so annoying to constantly think about food.
  • Seattleovercast
    Seattleovercast Posts: 23 Member
    I would recommend the book "brain over binge" by Kathryn Hansen (spelling?) for anyone looking for binge eating recovery. I have been a binge eater most of my life, and I'm not 7 days into recovery!