Those who have lost a significant amount of weight, how did you stay motivated for the long haul?



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    I was on the same boat as you- till I approached my friend a provider in Stanford hospital in Cali. She introduced me to an awesome dense nutrition that I use to replace one meal a day. Lost 16lbs in 2 months! now that I have all the energy I do 80% nutrition and 20%exercise. and I feel great and love the results.
  • laurenebargar
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    I'm still losing weight but I just find that every day im excited to see if theres a change, or if theres something new I can do.

    Fitting into new clothes and having people notice keeps me motivated, so do NSV like being able to do a hike I wasnt able to without thinking I was dying 8 months ago.

    I ate a little more than usual this past weekend and didnt track as much as I should and I cant tell you how great it felt to get back on track today. It was a special occasion (I got into a school I had been hoping to and my husband had his birthday and started applying to medical schools) but its amazing how different my life and choices were at the beginning of 2017 and at the end.
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    I have lost 75+ lbs, but am not always motivated. I have developed good habits, which are now second nature to me. Even if I'm not motivated it doesn't matter as my habits keep me on track, at worst I go to maintance levels.
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    I am working on 38 pounds. I have only been here for 81 days or so my streak says. I wondered the same thing several times. Why will this time be any different than the last time? What will keep me from giving up and going back? I gave myself 2 answers.
    1) I am really enjoying this! I like being able to fit clothes better. I like watching that scale falling. It feels GOOD to see those small goals and progress toward the big ones. I am smaller than I have been in 15 years or longer. I just like this better than feeling miserable after trying to eat half a chocolate cake. I love it!

    2) If I fail I fail. So what (not that I want to). If I decide to go back to eating everything I see tomorrow It still don't take away the fun I am having today. I am doing this for me because I want to. I want to. I always plan for failure and it always looms over my head. Not this time, not this battle. If it happens that I forget the things I have learned and start gaining again, I will still have had the fun of killing these goals and hitting these personal bests that I keep hitting. This is my journey, for me. The experience will pull me back if I fall off because it feels so good to loose.

    I say to have a blast doing this for you. That is my plan! I know you said you wanted input from folks that have been successful but I couldn't help jumping in. Enjoy your journey!
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    I love this thread. I'm still losing (and only a moderate amount) so I'm no expert, but one thing I am noticing is that good habits can be just as powerful as bad ones. We often focus on how hard it is to break a bad habit, but I feel uncomfortable when my good habits don't go to plan as well.

    Just an example: Wednesday night is my swimming night. I am in such a routine that it annoyed me when I was running late for it the other week and had to cut my session short. That's when I realised my new habit had stuck and had power. It would have taken more energy for me to decide not to go. I'm just trying to gradually add good habits bit by bit.

    And I love the mindset suggested by @VintageFeline of not having an endpoint.
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    Love this thread. 14.5kg lost so far. For me it's laziness not lack of motivation. Motivation is fleeting I get lazy. I have had a few weeks recently where I've not been honest logging and that's ok. I won't put on all those kg lost. No way. I've worked to hard. I no I can do it, I'm committed to doing it and all the small things are so worth the journey. Painting my toenails and shaving my legs with ease, seeing collar bones, having the towel actually wrap around me! I chose not to be lazy any more. It's about choices for me too. I chose not to be fat anymore and do something about it. Good luck :)
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    60 lbs. down here and I am taking a diet break (maintenance) because yes, my motivation is dwindling. We need to remind our psyches and our bodies that life is not all looooong march of months and months of eating below maintenance. Just a suggestion.
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    Its not motivation at all, its a lifestyle and habit change. Its not easy, but once you retrain your brain that eating a certain is "normal", it becomes much easier.
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    breefoshee wrote: »
    So what were the things that helped you to keep going? How did you set your short-term goals?

    I don't manage weight to hit a number - I hit a weight number so I can do something I otherwise wouldn't.

    IE - weight loss isn't the goal - weight loss is what I need to do to reach the *actual* goal.
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    This was a great feed to read. Thank you for all who shared. I’m 51 down and the support and MGP friends I have met. Wonderful network of folks here! ❤️
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    This time around I've been working on getting healthy for just over 2 years, losing just under half of my bodyweight (142lb) and gaining a lot more. When I started the numbers were just so high that I was over awed, so I set myself lots of little targets. And by resetting those little targets as I hit them along with not demonising any food and ensuring I only had a moderate deficit (I've very rarely dropped below 2000 Calories) I've managed to stay motivated.

    Right now I'm coming to the end of a maintenance break and most of my targets are fitness/strength based, but in the new year I'm going to work on losing the last 12lb or so to get in to "normal" BMI. This 4 month break from actually losing weight has been brilliant, not only to help motivate me in my goals both now and for the new year but also to help me learn to eat at maintenance (I'm extremely active so I get to eat a lot).
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    It's lifestyle I would say, not motivation.
    Once you work out on your habits, diet, workouts just keep going, why would you stop ? :)