MFP says 5 scrambled eggs is 1800 calories lmao



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    Im at a loss for words, i put in my breakfast of 5 scrambled eggs and 2pcs toast. It tells me i ate 122g of protein and 1800 calories lmao. A scrambled egg is roughly 100 calories so what gives???

    I just went back to my last scrambled egg entry and changed it to 5 eggs. It gave me 455 calories, so something must be wrong with the entry you found in the database.

    By the way, won't 5 eggs usually serve a small family of 3 or 4 for breakfast? Seems a lot for one person. (I've heard it's one egg per person plus one extra. )

    My husband and I split 6-7 eggs when we have scramble. Out omelettes are always 3 each. 1 and a bit is a pittance.

    Yes I cold eat more than one, but 4 or 5 per person is a lot!! Anyway, enjoy your breakfast all of you.

    in YOUR opinion. some people eat bigger portions than other. if it fits his caolories for the day and is a meal the size that he needs he could have 10 eggs if he wanted.

    when I have egg I have 2 full eggs and the whites of 3
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    An egg plus a bit more is like 80-90 calories, which would be a super tiny breakfast. Admittedly when I have eggs I usually only have 2 (in an omelet), but I have a bunch of other food (vegetables, feta cheese, smoked salmon) with them too. Ends up being around 350-400 cal, which is what I like for breakfast.

    Anyway, like everyone else said, log the ingredients (5x70 [depending on the size of the eggs] + whatever else you used, probably) + the specific bread used + anything added to the bread (like butter).
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    Yea i would never make it past 9am if i ate like 1 or 2 eggs, id be starving. Even 5 eggs and im still hungry but i dont have much for choices and eggs are cheap lol. For lunch about a 4oz chicken breast with broccoli or green beans and the same for dinner. I snack on honey roasted peanuts, a mouthful every few hours to curb hunger.
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    why so little?

    assuming eggs are 100 cals - 5eggs = 500cal;
    4oz chicken (assuming raw) approx 125cal (x2 for lunch/dinner)
    say 100cal for broccoli/green beans (x2 for lunch/dinner)

    honey roasted peanuts (1/2cup is approx 160cal) - assuming 4 handfuls = 3 servings = 160*3 = 480

    480+500+125+125+100+100 = 1430ish cal wonder you are hungry - minimum calorie intake for males should be 1500 a day and that is if you are sedentary/old/short - which you don't appear to be...
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    When I search the database I add usda at the end and I find I get a more accurate entry. I also weigh all of my food so my entries say things like whole egg 50 grams and egg white 30 grams, not just "5 scrambled eggs". I use the spray oil so I quick add 5-10 calories for that. To get the most accurate calorie entry you really have to weight everything and record it in grams in your entries and not just use the "generic" "homemade" or "1 serving" entries.
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    If you get grocery store eggs you can rely on the size given (large or extra large or whatever) as quite standardized and therefore accurate. I make omelets and use farm eggs so often weigh them, but it's not something I'd worry about. (The USDA entries are good, of course, and if you find the one MFP input it will have all the various serving options like "one large egg.")
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    Use a non-stick spray like PAM in your skillet. It has practically zero calories.

    For a quarter second spray. I did 2-3 seconds for my eggs this morning so that added on (only 20-30 calories, but it's not zero).

    I'm using this one from Aldi's and it says 1/4 sec spray is zero.

    I did as long as you did though. Not sure what it would count.

    I weigh the canister before and after. 2-3 seconds is probably somewhere about 3-4g (~27-36-ish calories).
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    I think the entry was deleted, but there was this one that said 1 tsp of garlic powder was 13500 calories. I was caught by it a few times in some of my recipes lol.
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    It’s better if you input the exact kind of eggs. Just imputing the type of meal more often than not is inaccurate unless if said meal has the calories listed. Scrambled eggs vary greatly.

    If I were to log it this is how I would do it.

    Brand of eggs + input number of eggs in serving section
    Butter? Or whatever else I use

    Just a basic example.
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    I think the entry was deleted, but there was this one that said 1 tsp of garlic powder was 13500 calories. I was caught by it a few times in some of my recipes lol.

    Nope, still there. My recipe tonight defaulted to that one.