? hot chocolate diet drink

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i love the hot chocolate diet drink mix that can be ordered https://www.mddietclinic.com/product/high-protein-cappuccino-7box/ It has only 80 calories and has 15 grams of protein and only 3 carbs. I am wondering if anyone has a good recipe for hor choc that would have much the same nutrition values.


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    I love hot chocolate!

    I use the SF/FF nestle hot cocoa mix (the have envelopes or canister, 20 cals per serving), plus 1/4c silk cashew milk (>10 cals) and 2 TBS of a SF/FF flavored coffee creamer (30 caps for the store brand I use.)

    To this, I add a few packets of Splenda and various extracts/flavoring oils- sometimes vanilla+peppermint, sometimes others (LorAnn oils on Amazon has lots of options).

    Top it off with hot water or coffee, mix, microwave, mix again.

    ~60 cals for a pint glass of warm holiday yumminess.

    Today, I've done - Peppermint Cocoa (SF white chocolate peppermint creamer, few drops of peppermint extract)
    Hazelnut Hot cocoa- (SF hazelnut creamer, few drops LorAnn's chocolate hazelnut oil)

    These are pretty crap for protein, but you could stir in a 1/4 scoop of a good protein powder (like ON rocky road) to get similar stats to the one you posted.
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    A Swiss Miss a day keeps the doctor away
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    Thank you ever so much! I will try theses suggestions!
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    This looks good! Protein hot chocolate, could omit the whipped topping to save calories.

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    I buy the Premier Protein protein chocolate drink and heat it in a stovepot 'til it's nice and hot. Boom, 30g protein, 160 calorie hot chocolate. I had a coworker try it today and she didn't believe me when I told her what it was.