Fitbit vs Garmin or others

What do you all like best to use as a device that links with MyFitnessPal to track calories in and out?


  • mabearof6
    mabearof6 Posts: 684 Member
    I have had a fitbit charge, samsung fit2 and Garmin Vivoactive hr. The Garmin is my favorite and the one I regularly use. My whole family know wears various Garmin devices.. The Samsung wasn't too bad, but has a really really really short battery life, but an awesome display. I went through several fitbits, they kept breaking or had battery issues and I just got tired of it.
  • Tacklewasher
    Tacklewasher Posts: 7,122 Member
    I have a VAHR and thinking of a Fenix or Forerunner 935. Something for triathlon training
  • jocan11112017
    jocan11112017 Posts: 21 Member
    I have a Garmin Forerunner 920 for triathlon training. I love it!
  • jel12c
    jel12c Posts: 6 Member
    I just switched from a Fitbit HR Charge 2 to the Garmin Vivomove HR. I will say that Fitbit seems to be better suited for intregrating MFP data and keeping you on track throughout the day. However, I have found that the Garmin has better features for workouts like notifying you when you’ve left your target heart rate range for an activity - such as too low or too high. I have found it’s been helpful in pushing me when I’ve taken a longer walk period on a jog or when I’m over doing it. Hope this helps!