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    I did a 21 day water fast for spiritual reasons and it did not have significant effect on my muscle mass. I recorded my exercise benchmarks pre and post fast, and there was barely a difference.

    These are the sort of ridiculous claimants that show up as soon as the subject of fasting is raised.
    Never said I didn't lose any muscle mass. I figured it would be an interesting experiment. The impact it had on my strength training benchmarks was negligible. I think it was like a 7% median reduction but I don't know where my fasting journal went.

    I'm literally citing personal experience. I was curious to see what kind of impact it would have because so many people made claims of the serious muscle atrophy that would occur.

    I lost about 1.25lbs a day, and when you consider there was only a median reduction of 7%, you can assume the amount of muscle atrophy was pretty low.

  • I do IF 19/5 ..I fast for 19 hrs and eat for 5. 1) Because I want to 2) I am extremely busy and that is when my window to eat is. I fast from 8 pm-3pm the next day.
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    All fasting will achieve is lower numbers quicker on the scale because you will burn muscle just as much as fat. You'll look bad in the mirror even at your ideal weight, and it's much harder to regain muscle back to fix it than it is to lose fat properly in the first place! That's also assuming you don't end up in the hospital, which isn't uncommon when you fast or use those "liquids only" diets.

    Just diet properly, 1-2 pounds a week. 3 tops. Ignore the fads and the gimmicks, you'll just end up less healthy and gain it right back.

    That is not true, if you watch you protein intake you can maintain muscle well. You certainly won't lose it as fast as fat! I'm talking about intermittent fasting and not some long term fast. Fasting can be easier for controlling appetite and calorie consumption for some people. For others it may be easier eating more small meals.
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    Fasting has been beneficial for me. I eat to my calories everyday, I make my macros and I have more energy everyday. I do 16:8 besides for weekends, and for me that was really crucial to my first steps in weight loss. I have lost about 70lbs so far. I think as long as you aren't extreme with it and you follow the proper steps it can bet beneficial.
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    Unfortunately OP never returned to clear up what kind of "fasting" they are interested in, I guess this is a mystery we will never solve :)

    Skipping breakfast and getting as close to 16:8 as I can has really helped me stick to my deficit.
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    I normally do the 16/8 routine. Skip breakfast but have coffee with half&half or creme. Eat lunch and dinner. Once or twice a month, will do a 48 hour fast. Sometimes will through in some low calorie days (300-400 cal lunch, then just a protein shake after the evening workout). For the longer fasts, I'll have bone broth and/or veg broth, continue the coffee/creme in the AM, drink more tea (green and no caffeine / herbal). It does seem to boost weight loss. I think it's easier to eat fewer calories, just by skipping breakfast. The longer fasts usually result in an immediate 2-3 pound loss, but usually 1-2 pound regain.

    Works for me. :)
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    Only if there was no longer any fat to use though. Because the body will not sacrifice muscle unless there is no other source. Here's an article:

    Except your body needs a certain amount of protein per day (see essential nutrients), and lacking a source of protein from food intake because you're not eating anything for 21 days, there's only one source to get it from. You got one guess as to what that is.