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My body is telling me it wants help. It's achy. My feet and knees hurt all the time. I can't climb steps without huffing hard for air. Putting on my shoes can be a struggle, especially if I have dress pants on (no give to those). I saw a picture of myself at a recent family gathering and was horrified. I've been lying to myself for nearly 20 years about the weight I've been packing on. Despite good numbers (bp, chol, sugar)--which is what I've been using to convince myself I'm healthy but fat (no such thing)--it's time. I'm 55. I don't want to stroke or have a heart attack that will ruin my retirement years. What I need is a way to focus on my intake until I can lose some and feel like I can exercise (one foot has tendonitis due simply to my weight).


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    I know the feeling. I retired last year and I need to get healthy. My cholesterol was high so I need to focus on eating healthy and exercise more. I've been really trying since yesterday and so far so good. Maybe more people will chime in here and we can help each other. It can be so hard to change years of bad eating.
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    It can be done. I was 49 and 378 Lbs when I started this journey. I had stuck my head in the sand for at least 17 years before I acknowledged what I had done to myself. I started almost 2 years ago and I'm now 219 Lbs lighter and 159 Lbs today. I still have 44 to go but at this point it doesn't matter how long it takes to lose the rest. I feel great and am healthy and living life to the fullest. About a month ago, I hiked to the summit of Mt. Diablo (there is a reason why its called the devils mountain) 7.5 Miles straight up to the Summit 3850 Ft in elevation and 7.5 Miles back in just over 6 hours. It was one of goals before winter came and I'm so proud of what I accomplished.

    In all seriousness, before I started, I thought I was too old and too fat to do anything about my weight. I am very pleased to say that I was wrong.

    In my humble opinion, losing the weight is worth every hardship you have go through to achieve what I have.

    My mother started her own journey at the same time at 71 years old and is now 95 Lbs lighter and she looks great a feels great.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

    Please feel free to friend me and I would be happy to help and motivate you on your own journey.

    Tina Marie
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    I think you have come to some very good conclusions. A way to focus on your food intake? My suggestion is to use your food diary actively.
    • Prelog your day, and use a food scale, adjust amounts and proportions as you go so that you hit your calorie goal every day (+/-50). Make sure you use correct database entries and log everything that goes into your mouth.
    • Eat balanced. You can set up your diary to show protein, fat and carbs; if you are close to the preset goals, you're eating balanced. Another approach is to follow the national guidelines, but be careful so that you use them as guidelines and not rules; for me, the recommendations of reducing fat, sugar, salt and red meat, and increasing intake of vegetables and whole grains, lead to disordered thinking and eating - healthy eating can be done a lot easier and very enjoyable - it's about balance. Building up meals with protein+fat+vegs and have something from each of the food groups every day, is right for me. You can pick any approach that makes sense to you and works for you long term; this will take some trial and error.
    • Eat as varied as practically possible. Aim to eat different foods through the day and from day to day.
    • Don't deem anything you like off-limits. No foods are in themselves healthy or unhealthy, it's about balance and variety and consistency. Demonizing things we like, increases our desire for it.
    • Eat food you like, food you can afford, food that is accessible where you live, in a rythm that fits your real, daily schedule. No diet is so great that it will work if you can't stick to it.
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    I have a long journey ahead of me. I have some physical limitations that make it harder to exercise, so my goal is healthier eating choices for life. I'm also fighting depression from the loss of my husband. Any words of wisdom and encouragement are greatly appreciated.
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    Exercising is a key component to both shedding pounds and improving cardiovascular fitness. Start by doing what you can, even if it is only a 5 minute walk around the block. Then, try to do a little more each week as things progress.
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    You are doing the right thing whilst you can. Log all your food and drink and be honest. Get a few friends on board here to support you, you can then short each other through the good and bad times. Look at the food diaries of others and take note of thegealrhy foods they eat. Good luck
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    All fantastic advice. :)
    Our MFP family have much wisdom and a lot of experience to draw on.

    The only other point I would like to add.
    Accept this is a lifetime commitment!
    And-It will take you a long time.
    Patience, repetition and perseverance will ensure you will achieve a much healthier you. B)

    All the best!
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    I agree that you should start by making small changes so you don’t get overwhelmed!