I've been at it for a year!

JennJ323 Posts: 646 Member
One year ago today I decided to rejoin MFP (I’ve used it in the past to help me with losing 50lb) as I was a new mom and unhappy with how long it was taking to lose the weight I had gained while pregnant and I just wanted to fit comfortably in my clothes and feel happy with how I looked. I started out at 155lb (5’3”) with a goal of 128-130lb and just logged what I ate, no exercise yet. I sort of half a$$ed it the first few months, I lost 10lbs but it was slow going. In the beginning of May as the weather got nicer I was able to get outside on my lunch break and walk, eventually I was walking each lunch break (20 mins) and each evening after work (30 mins). I’ve logged every day since April 30 and watched the pounds fly off over the summer. For a few months I did weigh myself daily and kept track of it in an app, it helped to see the fluctuations and know even if I was up a few ounces or even a pound it was ok and it would come off. I’m currently down 28lb, surpassed my goal weight back in September and am SO happy and proud with how far I’ve come. I’ll continue logging each day, and since the weather has turned cold again I’ve started using the small gym at my work a few times a week. I hope to maintain this weight over the winter and maybe lose a few more once Spring comes along and I can be more active outside.

Best of luck to everyone else on this journey, it really is worth all the hard work!