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    That's a really tough spot to be in. BUT, she's your fiancee, not just a girlfriend, so it's even more essential that you be honest with her. Tell her that you like what you're doing, and you are afraid that the Thrive might mess with it. I've read up on it, because my in-laws were stupid enough to buy the stuff, then gave it to me when they discovered that the caffeine it contains was causing heart palpitations for both of them. I tried it, because I have a medical condition (TBI) that makes me excessively sleepy, and I basically take a couple of Jet-Alert a day, because the prescription medications I was being given weren't right for me. Thrive says their product only has 50 mg of caffeine, but uses other ingredients to improve energy. I don't know exactly what's in it that made me sick to my stomach, but it did and I threw it in the trash.

    Or, you can try it for a day and tell her that it makes you sick or makes your heart race, if it does either of those things.
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    Can you possibly donate what she won to someone else? It is Christmas and would make a cheap and easy gift.

    She has seen you can be successful using MFP to lose weight so why is she not doing it with you already?

    I tried to push her towards mfp, and she did end up using it for awhile. However, when she did she also started insanity out of the blue too. Insanity wasnt for her and she quit both unfortunately.
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    winning two months free to a scam is like getting the first hit of drugs free. You lose water weight and think it works, so you keep paying out to try and get that same result again.

    Yes, always be suspicious of subscriptions you “win”. Normally if a company wants to give away something they’ll just do it, they don’t need you to subscribe and be on a list you have to actively take yourself off of.
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    Honestly, I don't think I would just to make her happy.

    When I started losing weight (for the millionth time) I told my husband, 'This is what I'm doing, I'm doing it for me. You're welcome to do it to or not.' He's not tracked or logged but has followed what we eat and has lost almost 50 lb.

    However a previous attempt at 5:2 he did try for a bit, and I was grateful he very quickly was honest with me about it, that he didn't like it and wasn't wild on my temper when I was doing it.

    I hate the thought if him lying to me. Especially to 'make me happy' like I'm a child. This stuff does sound like rubbish, and If she wants to try it fair enough at best most are just substandard protein shakes.
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    I understand wanting to support her. I do. But nothing is magic. Weigh loss takes hard work and commitment. And all it really requires is a calorie deficient. If Insanity isn't her thing (I get that, it's not mine either), encourage her to find a safe, natural way to lose the weight and get healthier.

    This company more than likey "gave her" something so she'd get hooked and come back. Tell her to throw it away too - if there's a chance that it's unsafe/unhealthy, I wouldn't risk it.