Need to lose 131 lbs.... Looking for friends

Hi I need to lose over 100lb and am looking for some friends who will help hold me accountable and offer suggestions. I have been doing WW online, until i found MFP.


  • Welcome :) this place is probably better than my opinion. U'll get alot of support and suggestions here. we'll keep u on ur feet! Ive been on here for no more than 2 weeks and it changes my attitude :) good luck in ur journey!
  • Friend me if you like. Welcome to MFP!!!!
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    friend me
  • well that is great! I have about 60lbs more to lose and wwould be glad to help!! One thing that I found that works for me is HIIT.
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    Hi, im looking to lose about 50lbs! I hope I can stick to this. This place seems great and its free :)
  • upsidedownpear
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    well that is great! I have about 60lbs more to lose and wwould be glad to help!! One thing that I found that works for me is HIIT.

    HIIT? :)
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    Welcome!! This is a great site with lots of helpful people!!
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    I have a great bunch of friends here. I started with a goal of 123# in March of this year. I have lost 58 as of today. Feel free to friend me.
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    Friend me - I have a total of 175 to lose!
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    what is your game plan to get to your goal???
    my advise , have no reservations...before you put something in your mouth think about the shame you feel being overweight...( this works for me) i was ashamed to go places and take get going !! dont stop till you get there!
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    Welcome! You'll find lots of support & helpful information here! Feel free to add me. Hope you have a great day! :smile:
  • Hi!! You can do it!! I have lost 11 pounds in just 45 days, thanks to this site. Thissite has also helped me to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Just keep working on it and you will achive your goals!!:smile:
  • Feel free to add me as a friend!!
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    Welcome! I've lost 17 lbs thus far. I love the interactive tools on this site. I know immediately what I need to do to stay on target. My goal is to lose a total of 65 lbs. I'm almost 1/3 of the way there. I can do it and I know you will too. Friend me. Have a wonderful day!
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    I was also doing WW online until I found this... I love this so much more...and I think it is more more "free" foods that can really add up!
  • What is HIIT?
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    I will send you a friend request.

    I started (this time) with 128 pounds being my goal. I have lost 16 this month.

    I know that we can do it!
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    What is HIIT?

    High Intensity Interval Training, it can be done alot of different ways, you can google some HIIT workouts or look up some on youtube to give you a good idea of what they are.
  • Hello! You can do it!

    HIIT is the way to go.

    High Intensity Interval Training
  • Thanks everyone for the support and friend invites.