Sickness and Food

Quick search didn't turn anything up, but I'm curious what your regime is when you're sick, specifically to calories and exercise.

I am at the tail end of a minor head cold, nothing major but enough to keep me out of the gym (partially because of the sickness, partially to avoid sharing).

I'm one to let my body do the talking - I was still hungry, so I ate around what my maintenance would be with NO working out, and that seemed about right. Sleep wise, I let my body decide - set my alarm for the "must get ready for work" time, and figured if I woke up at my normal time (which I normally do) then I'd do a workout at home. My alarm drug me out of a deep sleep, so I guess I needed it!

Just wondering what other people do when you're not severely sick - runny nose, maybe a minor cough or sore throat, but not "fever hugging the throne" sick, either.

Do you: eat more? Less? the same?
Do you: Do your regular workout (in public)? Do a workout at home? Play it by ear? Do a lighter workout?


  • happyauntie2015
    happyauntie2015 Posts: 282 Member
    Glad you're starting to feel better! When I'm sick i tend to eat less as I'm just not hungry. I avoid the gym because i don't want to spread whatever i have going on. If i feel up to it i might take a walk or do a video at home however i mostly just take care of myself and rest.
  • kcn2bluesky
    kcn2bluesky Posts: 187 Member
    I play it by ear when I'm sick. I eat when I feel like eating, and usually going for a short run helps me feel better. But I'm a die-hard runner for the past 10 years, so it's natural for me to want to run unless I'm feverish. lol

    I think it's important to keep your weight loss program in will get sick, you will go to parties, you will have vacations &'s the overall average that matters!
  • Cbean08
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    If I'm just feeling crummy, I'll still workout but I usually opt for an outdoor run so I'm not spreading my germs at the gym. I usually sleep more though. And because of this, I eat less.

    If I have a migraine, I'm 100% out. No gym, no food. Just sleep.
  • Blythmag
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    I lose appetite but if i have to coffee, soup, warm stuff
  • kshearer13
    kshearer13 Posts: 32 Member
    When I'm really sick I listen to my body. Which generally means exercising very little, getting plenty of rest, and eating very simple foods. However, when I'm starting to feel a bit better I do tend to make myself eat healthier foods and get in a light workout because i know in the long run it'll help me get better. But, if I do attempt to workout and start feeling sick or dizzy or something I stop.