Starting Fitness/Weight Loss Goals

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How to make a new year different than the one before. I just feel like I don’t want to stumble when I have not started. This year I have a feeling it will be déjà vu again. I want something to be proud of.


  • EllieElla2015
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    I’ve learned that when I give myself unrealistic goals, I always fail. The whole “go to the gym 3x a week and always meet my deficit” doesn’t work for me. I respond to “okay I should try to work out X times more than I did last month. I should probably try to limit my alcohol calories”. I know it’s not like an overhaul but small habits get built and it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You really just need to find what works for you, forgive yourself for not meeting your goals and try again. Forgiveness is what really changed my perspective and brought me to a far more consistent place health & fitness wise
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    To make it different, you need to do something different. Continuing on in the same way and expecting a different result is madness.

    Go and read all the advice in every thread you've started. Read it over and over until you understand it. Make a plan. stick to it.
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    My original goal was simply not to be obese. I've found that small goals which can be accomplished in a short time keep me going. When I hit my goal, I set a new one.

    Make your first goal paired with an activity to accomplish it - something so small and simple that you have no excuse not to do it. For me, it was fifteen minutes of stationary bike every day. My bike is in my living room, I know I have fifteen minutes, the bike is not outside in the wind and rain. Just accomplishing one step towards your goal every day will energize you for bigger things.
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    My advice is to take it in small pieces. My first weight loss goal was to figure out maintenance. When you’ve been steadily gaining weight, maintaining is a real win! After that, I worked on losing 10% of my body weight. After that (which all took several months), I felt pretty comfortable with the “calories in” side of the game, so I set a long-term goal for a normal BMI, and started looking at how to up my fitness game. I view this as a complementary goal to weight loss, but not required. And again, there’s no harm in taking it one step at a time. Ten minutes a day of brisk walking is a win if you haven’t been doing any intentional exercise. Then try for two brisk ten minute walks, then three, or maybe a half hour at a time. It really doesn’t make much difference if you exercise all at once or in smaller chunks. As you push yourself, you may eventually find walking will become easy enough that you want something more challenging. At that point, the sky’s the limit. Just never forget that something is always better than nothing, but too much won’t get you far if it leads to injury or burn out. Good luck!