Quitting Soda!

I stopped drinking soda 'cold Turkey' about 4 days ago. I would consume large amounts of soda, starting my day with a 44oz from the gas station and continuing to drink more when I arrived home. My question is, how many of you solely quit drinking soda and lost weight, and how quickly did you lose said amount? Simply asking from curiosity!


  • I quit drinking regular soda - have only had 2 coke zeros in the past 33 days (since I started here) before I even started I lost 5 pounds but it's not all from the soda, I'm also in a calorie deficit of about 500-600 calories a day.
  • GetFit4Life2018
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    I know if I add soda into my regular schedule I can easily gain 1-2 lbs a week, but losing it is always different. I think it's great you can go cold turkey. Most can't. If you find it becomes impossible, just try cutting down to a 22 oz from gas station or cut your intake in 1/2 daily. I drink the Diet Pepsi's and I'm trying to get off 'diet' so I hope you are successful!!
  • TeaBea
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    If you used to consume lots of calories from soda, this should help. Let's say you cut out 500 calories a day in soda (or any other food) and you don't replace those calories with any other calories........then the weight loss = 1 pound a week.

    I've never been a regular soda drinker. But, I do drink diet A&W everyday, never stopped me from losing weight. On a (somewhat) related note: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/1308408/why-aspartame-isnt-scary/p1
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    I havent had any soda since march. I've also lost 50 pounds since march but it wasnt soley from quitting soda.

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    Nice work, I've never been able to quit for long. As soon as I get stressed I fall off the wagon. Never realized how bad it was until I started tracking my food. Soda was making up a third to half of my daily calories. If I could give that up, I'd almost always be under my calorie goal.
  • EreAura
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    Congrats! I quit drinking soda back in April, 2016 but I'm not sure how much weight I've lost from it, since I was already in a deficit and exercising, but I'm sure it helped a ton since I used to drink it every night at work (free soda for employees). :s I've had swigs of it once in a blue moon, but I don't miss it and it tastes weird to me now.
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    And I'm with @EreAura - I take a sig of my husbands here and there but it just tastes weird now. Oooo McDonalds coke used to taste so sweet....now it's just bleh...
  • Bigbenny2037
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    Heavy soft drink user here.. i started a quit just other day - at the moment i am breaking it down into a phase thing. So for the first few weeks i am basically trying to reduce any soda consumption where i can + If i do drink anything at all it must be diet / zero versions.

    After a few weeks i will transition to something like "1 diet / zero " per week allowed and after that ZERO allowed... i am hoping this form of method might allow for me to slowly remove soda from my diet while also allowing for some "failure".
  • dsboohead
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    I say weaning yourself off anything soda if it's a problem!
    Every blue moon I will drink a diet "baby" can. I have lost my taste or desire!
    The acid alone in sodas will have the enamel on your teeth thanking you if you stop!
  • suzfirebird
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    I quit drinking soda cold turkey June 2015. Had a few sips this past year and it tasted nasty. I no longer get toothaches and stomach pain (happened all the time while drinking coke). I lost 20lbs in 4 months without changing anything else.