You can track us by looking up IPs?

Workout4Health Posts: 447 Member
Someone on here just said he has a friend that tracks IPs. So does that mean that anyone can just find out who all of us are? If that's the case, is it best I never visit here again for my own safety and privacy?


  • eccomi_qui
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    Your tallish cousin is a hacker so I’ve heard
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    Do me, do me
  • eccomi_qui
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    You gave me a brilliant idea - a fitness tracker for when IP
  • RunHardBeStrong
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    _barefoot_ wrote: »
    If this was true then people who got banned on here would not be able to come back and people who have more then one account .

    They find ways around it. MFP can and will track IP's.
  • greenlizard72
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    Without knowing anything about how MFP operates, they can't be any worse than any other site or ISP. We should just assume that, unless stated otherwise as a selling point, everyone can (an probably does) track IP info and likely more. It's called metadata and is the cost of participating in this awesome thing called the internet.