I need a tracker!



  • Gregory_Horton
    Gregory_Horton Posts: 25 Member
    Apple watch is what I use. Very accurate heart rate monitoring.
  • timadotcom
    timadotcom Posts: 674 Member
    I have the fitbit charge HR and it is ok. I feel HR is underestimated during exercise compared with my Polar FT40 I previously had. However after researching this subject for years and trying so many gadgets, the most reliable item to track calories is a tracker with a chest strap. I just bought the Polar H10 chest strap which works on its own with the Polar App. I just spent $90.

    I was about to upgrade to the Samsung Sport Pro and the reviews were not convincing at that price point for me. Then I looked at the gear fit pro 2, then considered a garmin and none of these items convinced me that it is worth to spend over $200 when they all do the same thing yet all have their short comings somehow. Also the one main factor among all of these devices is that the HR is always off somehow.

    I haven't recieved the H10 chest strap to tell you for sure, but I have used a similar item 4 years ago called Wahoo chest strap and it worked ok. The reason I went with Polar is because I have used their products for over 5 years and never found a problem with them.

    So now instead of purchasing another gadget for $250, I'm going to keep my current fitbit to track steps and I will use H10 chest straps for more accurate workouts. This strap can be used for swimming which I do a lot of with my kids, so that is a bonus for me.
  • m0nster2
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    I love my VivoFit HR. I didn't get the GPS because I'm not sure I want Garmin to know where I am every second of the day. Ha. I'm a swimmer so I want something that's waterproof. Garmin is, Fitbit is not. I don't care about sleep and usually take it off but the few times I've worn the VivoFit, it seems to be pretty accurate. The only reason I'd recommend FitBit over Garmin is if you want the social aspect. Garmin's is not nearly as robust as Fitbit's.