80 Day Obsession

Who is doing the 80 Day Obsession? Add me if you are. All the support the better. I am feeling intimidated.


  • infinikitty
    infinikitty Posts: 440 Member
    I am! Feel free to add me!
  • TriciaRoehrig
    TriciaRoehrig Posts: 23 Member
    I am thinking about it... I want to, but it looks VERY CHALLENGING to say the least. But it would be cool to start it as soon as it comes out.
  • nancybuss
    nancybuss Posts: 1,461 Member
    I've been very inconsistent in the last year. I'm in!
    I've never done an 80 (or 90) day program.
    I'm nervous for sure - fear of failure !
  • Supermel
    Supermel Posts: 612 Member
    Feel free to add me. I am doing the little obsessed right now
  • momo9123
    momo9123 Posts: 5 Member
    I’m in as well! Feel free to add me. Got my bands and slider this week. Looking forward to the different workout each day. Hoping to stay consistent this year!
  • nrkelly04
    nrkelly04 Posts: 29 Member
    I'm in! So excited to start tomorrow!!
  • StacywithaY
    StacywithaY Posts: 117 Member
    I'm doing 80DO as well. Love friends who motivate!
  • peaceofcake419
    peaceofcake419 Posts: 7 Member
    Day 3 of 80 finished today! If you're doing 80 Day Obsession, please add me for accountability! =)