Resturaunt Calories

How accurate do you think Chili's calories are? I'm going out to eat at chili's and I've looked at their menu to decide what I want beforehand. I've decided on the fresh mex shrimp bowl and I think it was 850 calories according to the chili's website. How accurate do y'all think that is?


  • fuzzylop72
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    Probably up to 20% or so off, since they're not weighing each component or anything like that. I don't worry about it too much.

    This 2011 paper attempted to provide some data on the subject
  • leslienicole318
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    Thanks for your input! I figured it would be like packaged food accuracy. I should have about 170 calories left after dinner tonight so hopefully that will take care of any discrepancies
  • kimny72
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    Agreed. I'd bet sometimes it's a bit more and sometimes less. After you've been logging for awhile you start to get a feel for estimating stuff like that. If a restaurant dish seems like too much food for the posted calories, or feels really heavy in my stomach after I eat, I'll log a TBL of butter or oil in addition jic. But over the course of my time here, I eat out once or twice a week, log the best I can, and it's all worked out :smile: