Night shift workers

Hello everyone I work 3 nights a week, does anyone else work nights and do you have any tips for keeping on track please


  • tinkerbellang83
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    I used to work all sorts of weird and wonderful shifts, I did find it useful to change my meal names to time slots (00:00-06:00 instead of Breakfast for example) you can rename them in SETTINGS>Diary Settings>Customize Meal Names and planning ahead/pre-logging.
  • Slasher09
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    I used to eat dinner at usual time/food (I was too groggy/tired to be hungry when I awoke), I would space out "lunch" during my shift, I would try to have something sustaining around midnight/1am like a shake, or sandwich, etc, and then I would have another snack with carbs around 330-4am when I was the most tired. I would eat my breakfast at 730a when driving home and then zonk out
  • lilahughes04
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    Working night to trying to figure out how to do this.
  • Josh_lol
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    Normally, I eat breakfast when I wake up in the afternoon. Do some exercise. Eat dinner before work so I have energy through the night. Eat something for lunch at break time at work depending on how hungry I am and then maybe a snack before I go to sleep.
  • earthtogracie
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    I work midnight shift also, but on my days off I flip my schedule so I can spend time with my son. Meal planning is really hard and confusing. When I get off of work (10 hour days) I'm exhausted and want to stop at 7-11 or Royal Farms for something quick on my way home. I'm currently 211 pounds and 5'5 , I'm really working towards changing my habits. I want to start the year out right, get myself on track to be happy and healthy! Open to new friends if anyone is interested :)
  • Avand17
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    I work one overnight a week, and literally any hour of the day the rest of the week. Trying to get my body into an overnight schedule for two days is what kills my progress every week. I haven't figured out a good system for staying on track with my eating yet, but if I do, I will share my ideas.
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    I work 18:00 to 02:00, not officially a night shift but still find it really hard to stay on track with my eating. When i get to the office, i just want to eat (i don't know if it's out of boredom or comfort food). I am trying to take in healthy snacks, stay away from the table with all the sugary stuff that people brings, and the vending machines. I did a full night shift a few years back (22:00 to 10:00 3 nights per week), and it was killing me, i would end on the Monday looking like a zombie. Changing my shift was the best thing to do in my case, even if i have to work an extra day
  • zara1296
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    I’m doing field work now and sometimes work 25-27 hour shifts...gain everything I lost during that shift
  • Ria1984
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    I work a couple nights a week as well and still eat my regular meals during the day and nothing past 6:30. If I feel my stomach growling at work, I’ll grab a banana or a fiber 1 cookie but usually I just drink a lot of water and it keeps me full.
  • Powell1896
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    I work nights 4 on 4 off permanently. I treat each day midnight onwards as when my calorie allowance starts and finishes. On my first day back at work I have to manage my calories well because I am sometimes awake 24 hours that day each week.
  • janelleginnetto
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    I work 5 to 6 nights a week 10-12 hour days. It's insane. The best way I can keep track is when I do my meals I break them up into time frames instead of the normal 'breakfast, lunch, dinner you have to do what is best for you. Feel free to add me for support
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    I work 3 nights a week (12hr)but can't seem to get it together. My nights vary from week to week and on my days off I'm trying to function on a "day" schedule like the rest of my family. This is like my 4th start at MFP over the last several years, and honestly, I was the most successful when I was working 12hr days