Protein powder

I struggle getting enough protein in the morning and i usually get really hungry in the afternoon even with snacking. Would a protein supplement be a good or bad idea for me during weight loss or is that stuff just for muscle building and work out stuff?


  • cwolfman13
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    It's just a supplement...doesn't really have anything to do with muscle building outside of hitting protein targets. If you're having trouble hitting your targets then have at it. In terms of being hungry or not, a whey supplement does absolutely zero for me in regards to satiety.
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    adding some fat to your breakfast might help more with hunger throughout the morning than protein.
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    adding some fat to your breakfast might help more with hunger throughout the morning than protein.

    I found eating breakfast starts my engine so to speak and I am hungrier throughout the day. If I push breakfast back as far as possible, 9:30 or 10:00, and then lunch around 1:00, snack about 3:00 and dinner between 6:00 and 8:00 (depending on the kid's sports), I do better.

    Maybe play around with your meal timing and your macros to see what best keeps you full.

    Also, protein shakes do nothing for me for hunger, either. I usually use my protein powder by mixing it into plain full-fat greek yogurt and adding some berries.
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    I don't eat breakfast but I agree that whey protein powder in a shake does nothing for me in terms of satiety. If I were trying to stave off hunger I'd have a serving of a protein-rich zero fat yogurt, preferably plain.
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    Historically I was never much of a breakfast eater, but needed something in the morning (usually after getting to work). Now that I typically workout before getting to the office, once home from the gym I make a protein shake (I like the 1st Phorm products) with a banana and some frozen berries all blended together. That, along with my morning coffee carries me to lunch. I'm hungry by lunch, but not gnawing on my own arm yet, either.

    I chose the shake due to it being post workout plus I struggle to otherwise come even remotely close to my protein goals.
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    If you are looking for a protein supplement to help with satiety, I suggest Cassein (or egg). Also look for the 'isolate' types as they are closer to the pure protein and less fat/carbs on the side. However, you might also look for a protein bar as a snack when you get hungry: look for 20g of protein and less than 200 cal.
  • NoExcusesFromNowOn
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    I use pure whey. It's cheap and tastes like concentrated milk. I've read it's excellent for cholesterol issues. I put it in steel oats or yogurt. Low cal too for 15g protein.
  • Howieazb216
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    The granola protein bars you find next the breakfast bars tend to be pretty good snacks: 10-14g protein, 6g sugar and usually under 200 cals. Avoid those gatoraid bars = pure junk (350 cals, 20g protein and a whopping 27g sugar)
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    Sounds like you need more food, not necessarily more protein. Are you eating lunch?
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    I found that having a 2 scoop protein shake in the morning ( 50 g protein) really helped my cravings for high carb breakfast/ mid morning snacks. Then helped me reach my daily protein goal.