I hate working out :(

I’m currently trying to lose weight and although working out is just like 30% and food is 70% i want to do it but i can’t, i hate it. I like dancing but I’m too insecure to sign up for classes because I’m fat. Any tip?


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    Losing weight is 100% food. Eat less than you burn and you'll lose weight.
    Exercise if for health/strength.

    As for dance classes, stop being afraid to do something you love. This life is too short.

    This is true but you can also dance at home! Either to your own music or there are a bunch of dance workouts on YouTube.

    This is a great point!
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    Do the active things that you hate least, whatever they are. Every step counts!
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    What exactly do you hate? I hate treadmills at the gym and despise the elliptical, but love walking in the woods, snowshoeing, gardening, swimming, etc.

    I hate group exercise classes, but love doing yoga at home by myself.
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    find something you like to do, I can go all day, I mix it up every day and do different things, its quite fun!
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    While I agree with comments above. You definitely don't have to work out to lose weight (it's probably 80-90% diet), but if you want to move at a faster pace and see results show up a little quicker physically, just even 30 minutes of walking each day will help achieve that.

    You don't have to work out like a pro-athlete like you see on TV or even on here. Just try to get in some walking each day, just even 20 minutes at first will make a difference.

    I, like you, hate working out, but I do realize its necessary for cardiovascular health in the long run. But again walking will suffice and once you get to a size you feel comfortable with, you can start taking dance classes.

    Right now maybe you can do some zumba at home or another dance video you can probably look up on YT.
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    buy some zumba dvd's or Cize, they are dancing workouts you can do at home. I hated working out, but made myself, started with Jillian Michaels dvd's (20-30 minutes per workout) then moved to p90x, now I run and lift. Still some days I dont want to, but to me it makes weight loss easier, and its good for me.
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    Everyone already said it but it's worth repeating - you don't have to workout to lose weight. I have found that exercise is more important in my life as I've gotten very close to my goal weight and have largely been working at maintenance.

    As for group classes, I always have a ton of anxiety. But getting over the hurdle of the first class is the hardest part. Do you have a friend that could take the class with you, or even just the first class or two? After a long time thinking about it, I finally tried an Orange Theory class this weekend. I might not have done it on my own, but I mentioned to a friend I was interested in trying it and she offered to try the first class with me. It made trying it a lot easier. Now if I want to go back, I have significantly less anxiety because I know how the class works, the layout of the space, where the lockers are, etc.

    If no friend wants to go and you really can't bring yourself to go alone, there are tons of YouTube dance videos. Of course without the benefit of a class you won't have an instructor there to help you along, but if your motivation is just to get moving and not with perfecting the dances, you don't have to leave home.
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    Crank your music at home and get to shakin the behind.

    My kids and I have dance parties all the time. They have no idea I look like a fool.

    You don't have to workout, bur lifting weights has definitely changed my shape for the better.
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    I’m currently trying to lose weight and although working out is just like 30% and food is 70% i want to do it but i can’t, i hate it. I like dancing but I’m too insecure to sign up for classes because I’m fat. Any tip?

    Dance at home...bam...workout complete and it's something you enjoy.
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    Get an iPad, Netflix, download movies, and get on the elliptical and watch movies on your iPad while doing so. I can stay on the elliptical for two hours watching a movie and not even notice the time. 1000 calories burned just like that!
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    I think differently then many who have commented. yes, you can lose weight by diet alone..but you have to be perfect. And..if you or any of us were perfect eaters...we wouldn't be here. if you want to lose weight and KEEP it off.. you have to get your head around the fact you have to exercise.
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    I just go for it we’re all different in one way or another and the person who is skinny might wish he can gain weight I just learned that day we all have skeletons in our lives
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    If you have not done so, try joining the YMCA. Lots of excercises to try out.

    Excercise helps weight loss. It speeds up metabolism. And increases muscle mass if you fuel your body right. Excercise can boost your mood with endorphins. Start with baby steps, and increase activity level as you go. Good luck on your journey.