Gym Classes

Anyone here do their gym's classes? Like Pilates, spin, zumba, etc? I just joined the gym and would prefer to do the classes for various reasons and I plan on going 6 days a week. Anyone know how I would log these classes for exercise? If anyone does them, are y'all getting good fitness results from them?


  • knightreader
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    I used to take a spin class and a hot yoga class. MFP has those exercises listed in their database. Just enter the amount of time you did them and it'll give you an estimated calorie burn based on your weight. I loved my classes but stopped both for a few reasons, but found them motivating and effective.
  • wizzybeth
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    You sure not to eat back all of those exercise calories. The app is notorious for giving way too many.

    I want to take classes more to gym but they're just not available at times that are convenient for me to always plan on being there
  • middlehaitch
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    I've done a number of classes and used the MFP calculation accurate (for me) for Pilates, aerobics, and aqua fit, inaccurate for Zumba over by about 25%, but I did take the low impact option on a number of the moves, and I have never done spin so I can't comment.

    I do classes often as it gives me a commuted time span that I have paid for, at home I will waffle and find excuses for hours. I have also met some really friendly folk.

    If you are just starting, do 2 or 3 classes with a day of recovery, mild walking etc, in between.
    You will be sore from moving in ways you are not use to, and get easily discouraged, burn out, or injured if you don't ease into it.

    Cheers, h.

    ETA yes I liked the results. Muscle was preserved and strengthened (slightly), and balance, mobility, posture, flexibility and endurance were improved, drastically in some instances.
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    Thanks yall! I think I will start off with like 3 classes a week like middlehaitch suggested!
  • Machka9
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    I do spin classes once a week during winter. They're in the exercise list here: Les Mills RPM or Stationary Bike.