looking for buddies for support

I'm getting near to my goal and keep finding myself falling off track easily lately.

I've lost 62 lbs and have just under 40 to go.


  • CaSp20
    CaSp20 Posts: 8 Member
    Sent request :)
  • artista100
    artista100 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm in a similar situation - half way to my goal and slowing down. Lost 39 and have 40 to go. Would enjoy some mutual support.
  • cookster82
    cookster82 Posts: 39 Member
    Same! I’m down 50 and struggling staying motivated for the next 10-15. I’ll send you a request!
  • 2BFit2017
    2BFit2017 Posts: 18 Member
    You are doing amazing! I am just starting out. But would love the support. I will
    Send you a request!