Mirena and weight loss

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Hello! I have lost about 20lbs and have 15 more to go. I am scheduled to have Mirena inserted next week, and I have heard of people who have both lost and gained weight with it. I was wondering if anyone found her weight loss derailed by the IUD while she was already committed to working out and food tracking. Thanks in advance!!


  • karahm78
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    Hi, I have also read those stories.... but I’ve not experienced it personally. I’m on my third Mirena and have gained/lost/maintained as expected.
  • msjennifersmith
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    Thank you sooooo much for sharing!! :)
  • shadow2soul
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    I didn't have any weight issues when I had Mirena. I actually really liked it and lost easily with it.
  • JMcGee2018
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    I love my Mirena and had no weight changes with it (wasn't trying for any). The only downside is irregular periods, if you have any at all, so bloating or cravings from TOM can be difficult to predict. But since for me it's more like 2x/year a few days of bloating and eating way too much pizza didn't make a difference.
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    I have Skyla (Mirena Jr, basically). While getting my period back did send my appetite off-kilter, I managed to continue losing weight. It wasn't in a near-straight line as it was when I wasn't having a cycle due to thw bc pill I was on, but the trend was always downward.
  • SarahLascelles1
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    I'm on my second Mirena and it hasn't impacted my weight.
    Except positively by treating my dysmenorrhea effectively so I don't spend a quarter of my life barely able to move.:)
  • marysabetournay
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    am on my third Mirena, it did not make me gain weight, eating wrong and too much did though...i've lost 18 lbs since sept so allis good
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    It didn’t affect me at all.
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    No effect for me, apart from feeling much more energetic now that I’m bleeding and cramping much less.
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    Thanks so much for this thread! I’m getting it this Thursday so was wondering same thing
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    I'm on my second Mirena and I lost weight just fine by being in a calorie deficit.
  • gabriellejayde
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    I've had a mirena for years. Hasn't effected my weight loss at all.
    I'm 50 years old and lost 86lbs in 10 months with just diet.
  • chanr427
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    I have Liletta (similar to Skyla I think), and I have put on weight. But that is because I got really sloppy and lazy with logging and have been eating too much. I'm starting to tighten up my logging and am beginning to lose weight again by being in a calorie deficit.
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    I have the Skyla and I have put on some weight which I attribute to poor eating. I’m now calorie counting and slowly losing those pounds again.

    I will say that I gained a lot of weight on nexplanon (arm implant) and immediately dropped ten pounds after getting it removed, no other changes. I think birth control affects everyone differently.

    My gyno told me that the Skyla has so few hormones that it likely wouldn’t cause weight gain. I imagine Mirena is very similar!
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    I love mine and there haven't been any weight changes that couldn't be explained by more realistic reasons (such as less active jobs, not working out, not tracking calories, etc).
  • Sunshine_And_Sand
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    The hormone in mirena is less likely to have systemic side effects (compared with implanon or the mini pill) because the hormone is released basically directly to its target (the uterus). This makes for less of it circulating in your system and decreases the dosage needed.
    Some people still report side effects of course but nothing is perfect.
    For me, mirena has been great. The mini pill was AWFUL
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    I REALLY want an IUD, but I’m so scared after my experience gaining weight on the pill.
  • Marilyn0924
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    I had it for 4 years. No weight gain during or after.
  • girlwithcurls2
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    I'm on my third one and it hasn't affected my weight gain/loss at all.
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    I suffer from mild depression. When I tried Mirena I was working out on a regular basis eating healthy and feeling pretty good and I had been doing this for about 9 months. Mirena didnt make me gain weight but After about 2 months of mirena I went into a pretty deep depression. Stopped working out, started eating barely anything at all because I didn’t want to get out of bed. This may not apply to you