Track first eat second

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I really need to track my intake before I eat it!! Way Over today. Damn Starbucks!!


  • From9five
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    I discovered pre logging a few weeks ago. Really helps keep my day in perspective. And makes prepping a breeze as well! Good luck! :)
  • wryone4
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    I love pre-logging when I can. However, I live and work in a school and eat most of my meals in the dining hall (it's great food - mostly healthy - and FREE, so that's not changing). This makes it really hard to pre-log because the menu changes. Also, I know there are often more added oils. So, I have to be much more disciplined during the day and have pre-packed snacks available. By being more disciplined at lunch, it leaves me a bit of flexibility if dinner options are a bit more caloric. I also add in an extra amount of olive oil into my daily log [frequently] if I suspect the food was cooked with added fats.

    Sorry, that was long. But, YES - pre-logging was what helped me lose 40 pounds last go-round. Eating in a dining hall is what contributed to me gaining half back. I am now taking that into account.

    Good luck!
  • TavistockToad
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    I always pre log
  • hesn92
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    I usually pre-log my breakfast lunch and snacks the night before but can’t dinner. I try to log one offs before I eat them to see what it does to the rest of my day so I can decide if it’s worth it.
  • amberjesiah
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    Hello my new friends! This is an amazing idea! I'm new here, so feel free to add me, I'd love an inspirational news feed <3
  • downongreenacres
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    Logging first is definately what has helped me the most!
  • LW3380
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    Always pre-log, other than a Saturday and occasional Friday night I can pretty much pre-log a week at a time (boring, who me??) ;)
  • laur357
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    Planning, whether it's meal prepping, pre-logging one or all meals, or just creating a rough menu and grocery list for the week, can make weight loss way easier. Knowing what you're going to eat ahead of time and finding ways to include treats can definitely help you succeed without taxing your willpower as much. And you know if you can fit in a cocktail or slice of pizza. Happy losing, all!
  • wryone4
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    Even if you can't pre-log every day, I think it is worth it to spend a few moments in the morning at least thinking through your meal options for the day. It can help you make smarter choices earlier in the day, which gives you some flexibility. For example, this morning I remembered that it is ice cream day in our cafeteria. I don't turn it down (because you CAN incorporate treats into your plan). So, instead of cardio and lifting in my AM workout, I opted to do longer cardio for more immediate calorie burn, and I will lift using my dumbbells at home. I really think a key to being successful with loss and maintenance is to do some level of planning.
  • combsshan
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    Yup, the only way I know what I can/can't eat. Also allows me to make adjustments earlier in the day if I want to splurge at dinner.
  • fuzzy_l0gic
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    Pre-logging helps me make sure I’ve got all my macros in line, and I’m not stuck at the end of the day scrambling for more protein
  • swim777
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    Pre-logging is the best strategy I know for staying on track. I go online and check out menus for eating out and calories. It takes the stress and guesswork out of your day, and it helps me to get the foods in that satisfy me.
  • kenyonhaff
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    Some websites for restaurants do a surprisingly good job of listing nutritional info. Domino pizza is really good about calories.