Morning All, Ive been experiencing some successful results with weight loss aids, and im not against it, i would like to know , if you use at all, or are you against it.


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    Absolutely NAY. If you look at any weight loss supplement it says (in summary) must be taken with exercise and a good diet.

    It doesn't make the loss faster or "burn fat" like they like to claim. It's an expensive placebo at the best and potentially health hazardous at the worse.

    Save yourself the disappointment and the cash. All you need to lose weight is a calorie deficit.
    So use the free website/app and input your info in MFP, figure out your calorie deficit and stay around that goal while incorporating exercise to improve health.
  • nexangelus
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    Caffeine seems to be the one that works. It is the one I use for training mostly. Energy boost is all you need. Eat well (deficit if losing fat), exercise, sleep well, your body will do the rest.
  • amusedmonkey
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    The small print always states that it needs to be combined with a diet, so most of the success comes from the diet itself. Any tiny boosts above that for the ones that work are not worth it in my opinion, especially with the list of potential side effects.
  • TavistockToad
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    Nay. You just build a tolerance to them. The best investments you can make for yourself is to buy healthy food, exercise, and education.
  • mskimee
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    I tried them and lost a small fortune, about 4lb of water weight that came straight back, some hair and the will to live. The majority were laxatives disguised as 'supplements' and the rest were vitamins that cost €70 a month and gave me nothing a balanced diet couldn't.
    Even the ones that are "proven" and "endorsed" are just money makers. If there was an actual pill that made you burn fat, every doctor in the world would be prescribing it to their over weight patients.
  • Wendyanneroberts
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    Never have, never will. I agree with most of the other posters. To many potential, harmful side effects. My Doctors wanted me to lose weight, for my health but they do not recommend diet pills. Not done any research into supplements, but I have successfully lost weight, the healthy way, without them.
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    But I did before I knew better. Years ago I must've tried everything on the market. Even took phen phen in the 90s. ( That one actually worked because it was legal speed but I wouldn't recommend it, the side effects are dangerous)
    If your losing weight, it's because you've created a calorie deficit. Dont fall for the snake oil.
  • pinuplove
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    Nope. Don't give credit for your success to a useless supplement. Own it.
  • Howieazb216
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    A lot of the good workout supplements have been banned in the us anyways. I take pre-workout mix for energy for my morning workouts but I don’t rely on it for weight lost, just a extra boost so I can work harder.
  • DaddieCat
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    Nay, as previously stated by almost everyone... if it works, it's illegal. Everything legal doesn't work, which is how it is allowed on the market. The supplement industry is not currently well regulated in the US (this may change soon to a degree) and the sole purpose is not to help, cure, aid, etc... it's strictly to turn a profit.
  • shellma00
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    I prefer to try to lose the natural way with diet and exercise. I have tried supplements before and never felt any different taking them. I know that my friend just started taking a supplement and she feels more energetic and less hungry all the time. But I think different people react differently to supplements.

    I think that supplements are good if you are taking multi-vitamins or supplements that your body needs or is deficient in.
  • BrianSharpe
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    NAY.......there are no "fat burning" products or supplements that boost your metabolism (caffeine makes your heart beat faster and gives you a temporary energy boost, or in the case of morning coffee brings people back from the dead)

    The companies promoting these products are all con artists and are selling 21st century snake oil.
    A lot of the good workout supplements have been banned in the us anyways. I take pre-workout mix for energy for my morning workouts but I don’t rely on it for weight lost, just a extra boost so I can work harder.

    If they were "good" why would they be banned, perhaps because they were dangerous?

  • sgtx81
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    No. but protein powder and bcaa powder to give my muscle as much help as possible while losing weight are fine in my book. The only thing I would even consider is caffeine. It gives a good burst of energy to workout with.
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    i see mostly everyone just dont believe or like weight loss aids, i guess we are entitled to our own opinion on this subject, is great to read about everyones opinion and insight
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    Nay. Reason - simple math. Less calories in, more calories out = weight loss.