Not noticing the weight loss, need motivation.

So I've gone from 85kg (187lb) to 73.5kg (162lb) over 6 months, so it was slow and gradual, but I don't notice it. When my mom took a picture of me and I saw it, my stomach dropped and motivation withered away. My mom, who knows that I've been trying to lose weight, says that it really is noticeable, but none of my friends notice it and neither do I. I just need something to keep me at it, It all feels kinda pointless right now. Should I just drop my calories more to get good results? When does the fat start melting away? Am I just losing muscle or water? Is there a point in what I'm doing?


  • seska422
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    The fat is melting away. You are getting good results. Slow and steady will get you there. Don't mess with what's working.

    Concentrate on the short term. Are you doing what you need to do today? That's success.

    Keep at it. Have patience.
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    Pictures can be deceiving based on camera and body angles so try to ignore the photo. You definitely have fat loss and I’ve recently read that fat loss is like a toilet paper roll-you see it most when you get to the end. It’s impossible to say if you should drop your calories without knowing your stats but when I am feeling discouraged I google what 20+ lbs of fat looks like. It’s enormous!! So kudos to you for losing it. I also play with
    to compare how far I’ve come and how big a difference will show at my actual goal weight.
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    No one will notice until, one day, everyone will, and you'll get fed up of the comments. Hang in there!
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    It's like "not noticing" putting on 10 pounds, until you step on the scale and wonder how the h#[email protected] did that happen?
    It went on, now it's coming off. Keep the faith. I am 12 pounds into losing 60. I can't see any difference or even feel it, but it's gone and I will continue. Stay off the scale and do the best you can most days. Don't make it a race. It will happen! Think of how fast those 6 months went, losing 25 pounds. Six more months, same routine, and you will have lost 50 POUNDS!! In a year. That's amazing.
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    I am feeling so emotional today and discouraged. I'm losing weight slowly too

    But I'm here
    Fighting for myself

    I hope you fight for yourself too
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    If you don't believe your mom or the number on the scale , who will you believe?
    We are our own worst critics and the last ones to see changes.
    Be patient and stick to your plan. Congrats on losing 15 lbs!
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    Losing that many pounds is an achievement! I am coming up on 20 pounds lost, and I recently had to buy new jeans. I didn't go down a size and it bummed me out, but I decided to stick it out and you should too! 6 more months and you'll be ready to post before & afters for sure. You should be so proud of yourself - you've been doing amazing things for the past 6 months, you got this!
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    I am very proud of you. Fifteen pounds is a great feat. Losing weight slowly can give you an impression that you haven't lost any at all because it has been so gradual, but that isn't true.

    Your clothes fit looser, your face has a slimmer profile, I'm betting your rings fit a little nicer, and a hundred of other very small things you barely notice. I've lost 65# (335 to 270) and for me it's getting out of bed.

    If you want to change up your dieting or exercise, feel free to. But don't try to lose more than 2# a week or eat less that 1200 calories a day. Don't punish yourself. I would recommend keeping your calories where they are and upping your weight training a bit. You'll feel stronger, it will help your self esteem, help mold your body, and you'll still be losing.

    Good luck and pm/add me if you need anything!
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    I am 45 pounds into my goal now, (took me a year but it's coming off!) and I have traveled the road between 220 and 130 too often. I have learned that I can't be focused on a number, I have to focus on how I feel. At my lowest you could drink from the hollow of my collar bones and count my ribs (the extra skin was a *kitten* after a few rides on that roller coaster and added a bit of extra weight) and all I could see was weight I still had to lose. I didn't see what anyone else saw, I still saw fat me when I looked in the mirror.

    When it comes from friends, especially friends you see regularly, they tend to see YOU. Gradual changes are hard to see in someone who you see as your person sometimes. I didn't notice when my closest friend gained weight till she told me, and I wouldn't have noticed her later weight loss if I wasn't looking for it.

    You have made amazing progress! Slow and gradual weight loss will be easier to maintain when you are done. And when it comes to externals that can help you notice, like the way clothes fit, it is hard. When you lose gradually it will sneak up on you. Sometimes you lose weight everywhere but that one spot that will drop you to that smaller pants size. Sometimes it happens so slowly that you get used to the baggier fit and start feeling like that is how it always was. You are getting there! And you should be very proud of yourself, how many people keep up their weight loss over 6 months? I have a lot of friends who diet for a month, lose some, and stop, or gain it back. You are keeping on and making continuous progress and that is incredible!