100+pounds to lose

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Hey my name is christy and this is not my first time on here. Life got busy, and I got sidetracked and gained a lot of my weight back. This time I want to make it stick!!
Not sure of my current weight, but I would say 350 my goal weight is between 180-200
I should mention that I am 5’10 in height.
I know my husband said he would help and I am sure he would, but he is at work all day where I am home all day.
I am trying to be more active, walking on the treadmill and walking my Jack Russell around the block when the weather allows me to
I would really like some friends on here to share recipe ideas, maybe some music ideas to work out to and just plain old encouragement
Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from everyone soon


  • mgee2018
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    Hi Christy! I’m with you on the 100lb+ weight loss journey!
  • goalss4nika
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    Hey Hey lady! I have 100lbs to lose as well. I am semi-active on here, but I am VERY active on fitbit and my goal everyday is 12,000. You can add me! Happy losing
  • TubbyYO
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    present weight 315... I need to loose 100+ lbs!!!
    would like to join in
  • TriPaulCantRun
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    Welcome back and best of luck with your goals. Everything is achievable if you really want it.
  • dpcjoyce
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    Hi Christy! I started out at 245 (5'2") with a 140-145 goal in August 2014. I lost 75 lbs, but I've had several major life changes since then and I'm back at 218. I can't let life changes derail me anymore! I'm also at home all day caring for an elderly parent. Friend me and we'll do this together!
  • gvuletic
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    I am at 210 lbs and looking to lose 75 lbs. I have been on here before, lost weight and gained it back plus some. I need to be consistent in tracking my weight, food intake and exercise. Torn achilles tendon put me behind but I am back up and ready to get on that treadmill!
  • tpspiege
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    A thought, friendly recommendation ... set yourself some smaller interim milestone goals and celebrate those appropriately (i.e. non-food rewards), and let the 100lb goal be realized over time.

    By doing so you can also set yourself realistically maintainable methods to get to those goals (i.e. realize to not "crash diet" yourself creating a yo-yo effect it may take 6-10 weeks to get those 10lbs to permanently go away)

    I'm also on a large weight journey but when I set my sites on the next 10lbs it seems much more achievable. I celebrate those goals by buying a new piece of clothing that now fits, investing in a better set of headphones for my gym workouts, etc.

  • ChazzyEvilKitty2014
    I want to.lose.over 60lbs+, can I add people to help motivate each other?
  • freckles7732
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    I’m also looking to lose 100+ pounds. Anyone can feel free to add me!
  • nitaoriol
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    Definitely can add me. We can do this together. Good luck
  • Skworon
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    I have 100++ pounds to lose also you can add me.
  • brittanydnv
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    I started at 382 lbs and I'm only 5'1". I'm down to 253 lbs but still have a main goal of about 150. So from my current weight I still have 100+ to lose. You can add me if you want!
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    Hi! *wave* I am going for a 110-115lb loss, you can feel free to add me! I'm home most of the day with my kids, so looking for the cold weather to let up so we can keep going out walking around the park every day like normal! I'm 38lbs down, and determined to keep working hard to meet my goals!

    I agree with above, it seems so much less daunting to me to break it down into 5 or 10lb mini goals. I try to treat myself when I hit one, and trying to make those non-food rewards like a pedicure or new necklace :). What is your food plan look like?
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    So you have all lost weight and gain it back again because most diets are not sustainable. All Low Fat Low Carb will not work because you would have to stay on them forever to keep the weight off. On these diets you will always be hungry. These diets place you into starvation mode. What I am going to say you may or not believe.
    Here is what has happened on the diet my wife, my daughter, and I have done for 6 months. First my wife, she is a Type 2 diabetic and needs knee replacement and could hardly walk. The first week she was up on her feet and moving again. You might ask why. This diet will cause you lose the inflammation in your body which in her case was causing most of the pain yes her knees still hurt but not enough to keep here down. Her blood sugar is under control she has lost in 5 months 37 pounds, her fasting blood sugar is under 100. My daughter who has a fused bone in her foot is for the most part out of pain she was heading for diabetes with here A1C getting worse but not now and her weight loss 40 pounds. Me the healthy one so the doctor told me however I had knees hurting, back, shoulders, normal things that go with age right. My pain in my joints is gone I have lost 25 pounds
    So what is the diet.
    It is a High Fat(but all good fats) moderate protein(so you don't produce glucose from it) and it is low carb(20 grams of carbs or less and for a diabetic this is a must) and yes sugar is a carb.
    So what do I eat. You do not need carbs to have good tasting food. Everything my wife has made taste as good and better the any carbed up food. When you learn that Fat Does Not Make You Fat and CARBS do you will eat Low Carb and High Fat.
    So what diet is it. Well it has been sighted a one of the top three worst diets. But don't listen to them they are misinformed or not telling the truth.
    The diet is the Keto diet it is the only thing that will work.
    My wife, daughter and I have not done anything different with our live but eat this diet which means we did not exercise not that exercise is a bad thing at all.
    If you think I wrong that OK but I know I not. O one more thing my blood work is perfect, and I bet better than most athletes. If this diet is bad for you than way is my blood work so good. The keto diet check it out you how to search by being here you know how to use a computer. None of the fact about the diet are hiding the research is there to prove that it will work for anyone who will do it right.
  • MandyxSchmitz
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    I need to lose 200, feel free to add me, I'll be on MFP for a long time
    TWRUNNER32 Posts: 62 Member
    Feel free to add me as well. I just started in January and have a long way to go :)
  • susancarrington1301
    This is my first week here. I also have 100 pounds to lose. Excited to get started! Feel free to add me and we’ll all do this together!
  • Ireallywanttoloseweight1980
    I also have more than a 100lbs to lose, I’m determined this time , would like here diet tips , eating plans and excercise.currently size 24 would like to be a size 14 in reality. I know I have a long way to go
  • michellelschultz74
    I’m with you, I just want to get back to a healthy 14!!! Have started counting calories and no soda for 2 weeks. I would love a community of support, ideas and encouragement!!! I’ve let my emotions and stress get the best of me and gained 30 pounds in 6 months!!!!!!! Overall would like to loss 80!!! Have lost 7 in 2 weeks