Stevia causes depression?

This sweetener is in a lot of foods and although its "all natural" I've read articles saying it can inhibit both serotonin and dopamine,I've experienced it myself along with headache and fatigue,I'm sure I'll get wooed a lot but anyone else?


  • kelsully
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    I have some crazy weird reaction to stevia. It reminds me of gallbladder attacks or a heart attack. I feel horrible when I consume stevia. I once tried a product that was "all natural" supplement that made me think I needed to go to the ER. I know others who love all things with stevia. I guess it is like so many other things..if it works for you go with it
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    I haven't seen any peer reviewed articles about this, but I did read some a few years back about some other potential side effects in small percentages of the populace.

    I don't use Stevia because I hate the way it tastes. I prefer to use Aspartame or Sucralose because I don't hate those flavors as much.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    um, no.
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    If you believe your fatigue and headache are not diet related (actually sugar detox among numerous other reasons can cause these symptoms), then check with your doctor. I just searched for peer reviewed studies and find nothing about the effect of stevia on neurotransmission other than glutamate (not implicated in depression). Now, this doesn't mean something wasn't very recently done but not listed. Or it could be an o.k. study but not peer reviewed. If you have a link to what you read I would be interested in looking it up.
  • whitpauly
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    Just feelings I've had and a google shows some articles,,no proof of course just wondering,I can handle sugar,aspartame and sucralose fine,its just Stevia that bugs me but it's popping in more and more foods cuz people are afraid of artificial sweeteners so it's getting harder to avoid lately
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    Stevia taste funny to me, but otherwise I haven't noticed anything different the few times i have used it. I prefer the taste of other sweeteners.

  • lucerorojo
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    I use a little every morning in tea or coffee. I have for a few years. No reactions at all. I agree it tastes funny but it is very sweet so I use only a tiny amount.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    LOL, no. If you look hard enough they have found a "link to depression" for just about every single thing you can think of.
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    I use it and I'm just as depressed as I've been since I was 12.
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    Stevia, etcetera for me causes headaches, hunger & constipation! :/
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    I read in the article linked below that if you are allergic to things like ragweed (there’s a whole list), you shouldn’t consume stevia.

    We’ve added monk fruit into our sugar substitute repertoire. (Hence the article Stevia vs Monk Fruit). I can’t buy it in my local grocery store yet, I have to get it from a health food store, and it’s more expensive than stevia, but I feel comfortable mixing it up a bit. I still have some sucralose around too.
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    i can't stand the aftertaste of Stevia.
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    Interesting. I use stevia, monk fruit, and erythitol when I bake or consume sugar free things. I probably consume each in a small serving once a week. No weird side effects. But give me a coke sweetened with aspartame and I have a headache immediately. Sometimes it will even trigger a migraine.