Keep gaining weight, levothyroxine?

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I started taking levothyroxine in 2015 (32 years old) starting out at 25mg, then 50, 75 and now 88mg for about a year. Initially weighed around 225 when I started taking it in 2015. Immediately felt better, weight got done to 205 in fall of 2015 (6’1”) Regular diet and activity level as before, but little more so as I had more energy. Even with dieting previously and staying on it I would fluxuate between 220-235 but never more than that.

The dosage kept going up because my levels weren’t where they should’ve been at. In early 2017 started using cpap machine for sleep apnea. Little difference, but feel little better using it every night.

Over past couple years after initially losing weight in spring\summer of 2015 and continuing with regular diet and excercise (sometimes better than I should sometimes worse, and seasonal with winters making it harder to be active) I kept gaining weight.

Now over past 6-9 months and at 35 years old I’m at heaviest I’ve ever been (260lbs). I’m still taking my levothyroxine every morning at least hour before eating. I’ve even been active over past three weeks more than usual, drinking no alcohol and eating around 1300 calories a day and still hover around 258.

Only thing that seems to possibly cause this might be (other than age) the levothyroxine I’ve been taking. Any advice is welcome


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    when we the last time you had bloodwork done? did they do a full panel (TSH, T4, T3, RT4, RT3 etc)...
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    Definitely try to get hooked up with a good endocrinologist. I had a thyroidectomy several years ago. I take 100 micro per day. Being on the proper dosage of synthroid is key for anyone with a thyroid condition. If you are feeling sluggish, mood swings, or having other health related issues you might need a dosage change, but in that case they would be adding more synthroid. You are on a fairly high dosage already. An increase could help with those symptoms and make weight loss more achievable, but its unlikely that the synthroid is causing weight gain itself. Good luck!
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    Do you see an endocrinologist on a regular basis or is the PCP prescribing the Levo? See an Endo and make sure to keep getting your levels checked and meds adjusted. I have been on meds for a while and still lost 35lbs by using CICO.
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    Hi! Hypo here with Hashimoto’s. My levels were bouncing back and forth like crazy last year! Despite doing HIIT and working with a trainer I continued to gain weight. It was crazy! I finally saw a endo in November, and she was really helpful. I’m on the correct dose pattern for me (finally!) and I have lost 7 lbs since November, but it has been a real struggle.
    Please make sure you see a Endo! And don’t let them make you feel weird or crazy, I have had doctors tell me my levels were fine, when I knew for my body they weren’t. They may suggest an alternative to levothyroxibe if it isn’t working for you.
    My tip is make sure you’re drinking enough water in the AM with your pill so it can do its job! Then hydrate, hydrate, hydrate so you don’t get dehydrated. I take my pill and drink 24oz with it while I wait my hour till breakfast. Then drink constantly through the day. Also make sure you’re getting enough rest and be kind to yourself. Having thyroid issues is no joke, be strong!
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    Are your hormone levels currently under control? And how are you measuring your calorie intake? If you aren't losing on 1300 calories (which is below the minimum you should be eating), then you're eating more than you think.
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    Great tips from everyone. One definite good recommendation is to take your levothyroxine without any food or supplements first thing in the morning and one hour before anything even coffee. Certain food and definitely calcium can impact what you are getting from your levo. Also, I have heard some people have better success with non-generic synthroid. Your endocrinologist should be able to tell with proper testing.

    And I have to agree- if you are truly eating 1300 calories a day and not losing weight, then there is something wrong. Either your underestimating your calories or you need to see a physician. Having a thyroid issues is no joke. You got this, you just have to stay on top of it. Good luck! You can do this!
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    There are mistakes that people commonly make that cause them to not lose weight that we might be able to spot if you change your Diary Sharing settings to Public:
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    Make sure when you have blood work done, that they test for vitamin D.
    my vitamin D was extremely low, since taking it my mood swings etc have done a 180. It's as if the fog have finally lifted from my brain.
    Contrary to popular belief, we need to watch what we eat and MUST exercise every day, whether it walking or 30 minutes doing 30 day shred.
    I would cut out - white flour/rice if you it. Have whole wheat bread, brown rice.
    Ditch the oats/cereal/soy. You have totally revamp the way you eat.
    I remember before my operation I could eat anything, once my thyroid was removed, I have to exercise daily and had to revamped what I eat.
    Eating cereal/oats/white flour is a no no for me, my weight would balloon overnight. Never had this problem before my thyroid.
    I am fully aware that everyone is different, and its trial and error.
    I tend to eat a lot more plant based foods, only fish, whole wheat bread etc.
    I lost 24lbs 3 years ago through walking every day, never felt better, but I let myself go and here I am starting from scratch again, this is it for me, I cannot keep doing this to my body, plus its too much work.
    Good luck
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    Re: taking pill with water, without food, etc.

    While taking your pill improperly will reduce absorption, that will show up in your levels when you are tested. If your levels are fine, enough of your pill is being absorbed that that is not the problem.

    OP, how are you calculating that 1300 calories? Are you weighing everything? Even with low thyroid, which reduces your energy output, if you eat less than you put out, you will lose weight.
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    I am also hypothyroid. Lost all weight in 2014. This time doing again in 2018. For 2 months i didnt lose anything. Thought my thyroid is the problem. As soon as i took ultra care of my calories in and exercise i have lost 7 kg.
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    I see that you take your Levo an hour before eating, but do you also take supplements? You shouldn't take iron or calcium or a multi that contains either within 4 hours of taking your Levo. Both iron & calcium bind T4 (Levo).
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    This is something I can help with. I also take but with my body I cannot take the generic I have to take synthroid. My blood work would be off every time I attempted to take generic/levothroxin. But as I age the meds work differntly in my body and I have had to test more regularly.