First steps!

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OMG. This stuff actually works! ;)

My doctor recently pointed out that my BMI was just above the accepted range.

Trying to drop about 15 pounds from 181, up to which I crept over the past five or ten years.

This is my first time ever dieting. I started a month ago.

I'm 5'10, sedentary, 66 years old.

Initially, I wanted to lose one pound/week (which in hindsight I now understand is too aggressive for my desired loss. I'm now trying to lose 1/2 pound/week.)

My standard workout for years has been about 300-500 calories 5 days/week: moderate weights, swimming, walking, and spinning. Now, using MFP, I can eat back all those exercise calories with no guilt!

And, lo and behold, for my first month, I've actually been losing an average of about one pound/week as predicted by MFP. Wow!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's all about the science. CICO and all that.

Read below how NOT to count calories!

For my first few weeks, I made a mistake when calculating calories in my breakfast drink and bananas. So I was eating 300 LESS calories than the 1,500 that MPF suggested for my target weight loss. I was ravenously hungry eating just 1,200 calories. Very bad plan! :o

I'm now using a scale! :-)

I fixed the numbers retroactively in my diary, which is is public if anyone cares to comment.

Biggest win:

Standing in line at the grocery store and was about to grab two mini-Reeses Cup look-alikes that I eat sometimes after swimming. But first I decided to check their calories. "One hundred and seventy calories EACH? I absolutely don't have 340 calories in my calorie budget today or ANY day." :-) I put them back on the shelf. Now THAT'S a win.

And of course, I no longer sit and eat multiple tablespoons of peanut butter out of the jar. I can't afford the calories. :'(

MFP is a wonderful tool without which I don't think I could have succeeded in this. And reading the forums here have given me a lot of very helpful information as well as a sense of community as well.

Thank you all for your posts. And I wish all of us success.



  • latentspring
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    it’s great that it’s working for you!

    but maybe you can try to find space for a peanut butter cup every now and again. :p
  • bikecheryl
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    That's awesome!

    I approach it much the same way.... lol.... can't afford the calories, and it really is amazing how many calories alot of my "I'll just have one" snacks have.

    I understand the strictness when your wanting to loose the 15 lbs.
    I actually find it easier to abstain completely than work them into my day..... but that's just me, and for right now as I still have weight to loose.

    You'll be able to work occasional "treats" back in once your in maintenance - if that is what you want to do.

    MFP has helped me immensely since I started back last April..... I hope to make it a life long habit. :)