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    yes, when I meal prep I will make a bit pot of something (mince and veg, chicken stew etc) for the week
    same when I make a big batch of breakfast oats to go in the freezer, only thing I change is will do a mix of fruit so some will be blackberries, some cherries, some raspberries. which ever it is has the same amount of oats and same yoghurt and I add a granny smiths apple when I have it
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    I cycle between 2 different breakfasts and lunch variation is often just the type of meat to go with the salad and whether I have corn thins or not. Sometimes I have a stirfry instead. I normally cook enough tea to last several nights which means only cooking half the amount of times. I personally could not do the same thing day in day out but understand the need to save time with meal prep.
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    I eat similar daily breakfasts (always eggs but in different ways) but I tire easily for lunches and dinners so I vary them quite a bit.

    Lunch varies from salads/soups/sandwiches

    Dinners: Mon its fish, Tues: soups or casseroles, Weds: Ulster Fry night!, Thurs: pasta night, Friday: home made curry night and at the weekends its take away and roast beef/chicken dinner on Sunday. :smile:
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    I meal prep on Sunday afternoons and I will prep 7 of each thing for the coming week. So for one week I will eat the exact same thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks but I may not necessarily repeat it from week to week. Most weeks I make my own recipe of home made oat bars and pair them with berries of some kind for breakfast; at least one snack is unsweetened applesauce with hemp hearts and the other is usually some kind of cut up raw veggies with home made ranch/dill dip. Lunch and dinner changes depending on what I feel like. It has been mentioned before that eating the same thing for 7 days straight can be a challenge and might cause people to get bored, so if you're going to do this just make sure it's something you can do. Otherwise you will find yourself eating out a lot. Also, from experience, make sure it's things you actually like. It's best not to experiment with a new recipe, and expect to eat it for 7 days lol . . . just some advice from my experience lol.
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    Does anyone ever eat the same meals everyday? Is it bad for you? Is this something that people who meal prep may do? My schedule isn't the easiest with 3 boys so I'm looking for something to make it a bit more simple. Looking for all opinions as everything helps.

    I frequently eat the same things over and over for days at a time mostly out of laziness and convenience. There's nothing wrong with it. It just gets boring after a while and then you switch it up. But I like it because it's easier to keep track of my calories
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    If you aren't one to get bored and give up, and you're eating the right kind of food every day, there's absolutely nothing wrong with eating the same thing each day. It makes portions, macros and nutrition ridiculously easy. Just make sure you're picking something well rounded for your dietary needs.
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    My breakfast and lunch are usually the same/boring during the week, and dinner is a variety of things. It's just easier to prep and pack that way.
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    I totally get simple meals to streamline dinner. But there is a lot of potential to fall into "gobble and go" dining which is problematic. Not challenging your kids to eat a variety of foods can be problematic. So is not taking the time to teach kiddos cooking.
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    I don't necessarily eat the same thing every day, but I do eat leftovers a lot (lunch and dinner 4-5 days/week) so it gets a little repetitive. It's not something that I do for any reason other than convenience. I'm a full time student and my boyfriend works nights so it's just easier for us to make large batches of food a couple times/week and heat up leftovers the rest of the time.
  • My boyfriend does. He'll cook a big batch of something once or twice a week and then eat it till it's gone. Usually rice topped with some vegetables and tofu. (he's vegetarian) Then he'll eat out once a week and have Subway or falafel, He's 148 pounds (very active - has a standing desk at work and all)

    Myself, I rotate between a few meals. You can check out my diary, it's open.
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    If you're eating nutritionally balanced meals, it's OK to eat the same everyday. That would include adequate protein and veggies. Otherwise, switching things up can help balance out the nutrition.
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    Sure. If that's what you enjoy and you are eating a well balanced diet, go for it. It may get boring after a bit but that's totally up to you.
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    I do. I like it. It's easy. I don't eat things I hate but I do like very simple, slightly weird things.
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    I have 5 or 6 meals that I eat !! My wife asked me to take her somewhere that’s she’s never been for our honeymoon, so I took her to the kitchen!
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    Does anyone ever eat the same meals everyday? Is it bad for you? Is this something that people who meal prep may do? My schedule isn't the easiest with 3 boys so I'm looking for something to make it a bit more simple. Looking for all opinions as everything helps.

    Is there something in between the out of control stressed feeling you have now, and eating the same meals every day? Planning healthy family meals is something that a lot of people struggle with and there are lots of threads on here, and meal planning ideas on Pinterest and other sites.

    You can plan meals ahead, taking into consideration your weekly schedule( sports and activities) to figure out which nights you need to have super quick plans and which you have time for a 30 minute meal, grocery shop on the weekend, and do some basic meal prep. Cook ground beef/turkey in bulk and divide it into 1 lb portions - you can freeze these in zip lock bags and it makes weeknight chili, tacos, or spaghetti super easy. Same with chicken - do you have a slow cooker or an instant Pot (if not I highly recommend both) cook several chicken breasts with some basic seasoning, shred and use for pasta, salads, etc. also on Sundays wash and chop fruits and veggies, you can make hard boiled eggs or egg casserole that can be divided and eaten throughout the week as well. Make meals that will result in some leftovers like lasagna or soups/stews and then use those to supplement the meal plan on busy nights.

    All this may help the out of control feeling but it’s not exactly “eat the same thing every day”.

    I also have 2 boys and if I tried to feed them the same thing every day, even if it were butter noodles or pizza, I think they’d get tired of it pretty quickly...
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    During the normal working periods in the year my breakfast is the same 6 out of 7 days All Sundays are all the same.
    My lunch tends to be very similar about 5 out of 7 days (salad, sandwich and either soup or yoghurt) with the odd working lunch thrown in.
    Snacks tend to be very similar all days (fruit and rice crackers and some nuts)
    Dinner is the biggest variety.
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    If I could eat sushi everyday, I would. When I was working as a manager for Circuit City, my lunch ALWAYS consisted of leaving the building and going across the street to eat pho. I did that for 4 years.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
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    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition

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    When I do eat breakfast, it’s one of two things that I rotate. For lunch, I have 3 things that I rotate, and dinner I rotate between 3-4 things as well. I do plan the nutrients for the day, so I make sure that my breakfast (when I have it), lunch and dinner for together to meet my daily goal.

    Usually my dinner is something around chicken or salmon. My lunch is usually more greens. And and my breakfast is usually protein cereal or a protein shake. I might go outside of these type of meals once a week to do something different, but still keep it within my nutrient ranges.