Back with a VENGEANCE....but looking for friends!

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Hey everyone!

My name is Caitlin and I'm 22 pounds deep into a weightloss journey of 90 pounds. I've found what has really helped me is surrounding myself online with people who are on a journey as well. At the start, I was at the highest weight I have ever been....after my weight yo-yoing all through my life. Something finally clicked for me and I'm ready to make lifetime changes. So here I am!

A little about me....

I'm 5'10' and about to turn 27.
Starting weight: 272
Current weight: 249
Goal weight: 180

So far I've been trying to stick around my 1800 calories a day, taking walks with my dog, and hitting the gym about 5 days a week...just cardio so far. But I'm thinking about starting up jillian michaels dvds soon....I've had great success with her before.

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  • Bubbaistrying
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    You can do this!!!
  • snb301
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    sounds to me like we have similiar goals
  • jmacaroni
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    We have similar stats and goals. I'm 5'11. CW 248. GW 180.
  • Jaefit18
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    Feel free to add me. It's always good to have supportive friends on this journey!
  • franklin5280
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    No games just support. 145 lbs into 240 lbs weight loss. For many this is a Journey not a destination. Diets are something you start and stop. You are only as strong as your support Network. Friend me if you like.
  • proudmomma86
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    Feel free to add me. I started at around 245 (last april). Im down to 192. My ultimate goal is 155, however when i get to 180 im going to maintain for 6 months. Loosing weight is not easy ut for me maintaining is the most difficult.
  • Falklang
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    I'm 27 and need to lose 80-90 pounds too ^^ I'm active everyday if you wanna add me! :)