No appetite on Effexor (venlafaxine)

Hello, I switched from Paxil (paroxetine) about a week ago. Since then I've had very little appetite. I've also noticed that my stomach no longer feels acidy all the time. Has anyone had a lowered appetite on Effexor, and is this godsend permanent, of just a temporary adjustment thing, in your experience?


  • cnbbnc
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    I had the same experience with Effexor, and I can honestly say that was the only time in my life....ever....that all food looked revolting to me. I didn’t like what it was doing to me so I switched to a different Rx.
  • PhilTKE779
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    Wish I had the same problem! I've been taking it for years and never noticed that.
  • doittoitgirl
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    Often for me, medication related appetite loss is temporary and wears off after a few months. I have had this experience with prozac and effexor before.
  • Rebecca0224
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    I've been taking it for almost two weeks and my appetite has been significantly reduced. I hope I adjust to this medicine soon.
  • Keto_Vampire
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    Venlafaxine is pretty notorious for nausea/vommiting; I would give it about 6 weeks at the same daily dose for assessing tolerance. Mechanism of action is dose dependent; >150mg/day has norepinephrine reuptake inhibition, >225mg/day brings in dopamine reuptake inhibition (dopamine can greatly mimic the chemical reward feeling of eating).

    A bit dicey/time consuming in titrating up, Max off label goes up to 375mg/day. Des venlafaxine is pretty standard alternative (same drug essentially) dosed @ 50mg/day (went generic recently too).
  • jmolivia
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    Thanks for all the info! I'm not at all nauseous, but I do hope that my appetite stays low. It was previously Out. Of. Control.
  • rkcampbell
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    I’ve been on it for many years and I wish I had a decreased appetite! Enjoy it!