Trying to lose with physical limitations!!! I am singing the blues!!!!

Hello... I had major back surgery a year ago and I am still dealing with limitations. My doctor has cleared me to do the basics. But things like lifting weights and yoga are off limits for now. So I basically get my exercise in from walking. And even that is limited. I walk around 4500 steps daily. Its not like I was a gym rat before. But I have gained so much weight, I'm just eager to get it off! Right now I'm concentrating on the nutritional side but I'm very frustrated. And it just doesn't seem to be enough. I've lost 16 pounds since 12/04/17. I can't believe I even let myself go this far!!! I really got the blues!!!


  • middlehaitch
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    It really is all down to how much you eat.
    If you don't have a food scale get one, and use it.

    There are some very good 'most helpful' posts at the top of each sub-forum. Have a read of them- especially those on food logging and weighing.

    For exercise, have you thought of going to your local pool?

    Get cleared first of course, but you may find water walking, aqua fit, or swimming a good way to get some cardio and resistance work in. Very gentle as the water supports you, but you can get a good cardio work out in, and because you are moving against the water, some resistance work too- good for muscle retention.

    If you are using the MFP calorie goal, remember to eat back exercise calories, you need the fuel.

    Cheers, h.
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    16 pounds since December is awesome! I also have major limitations. Always been very active, was diagnosed a few months ago with lumbar spinal stenosis. It can be quite debilitating at times. I can lift but not heavy and have to avoid certain exercises. Can't walk very far as pain gets too severe. Thankfully, I can still ride my bike. You can add me if you have any questions.
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    Friend request sent. You are on the right track:-) Maybe youre like me and just need that 1 on 1 to share daily goals, keep accountable and gain motivation and support.
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    People that have never experienced real back pain just can't understand how bad it can be. I have had a fracture, two herniated discs, and two torn disks. Its been many years since the injuries occurred and I still hurt every day, but it has gotten better. The biggest suggestion I have is to continue doing the stretching and core strengthening exercises I'm sure your Physical Therapist has suggested. Its going to hurt like hell and your going to wonder if it is doing more harm than good, but eventually you will strengthen the muscles that support your spine and get some relief. Walking is one of the best options for people like us to burn calories and rehabilitate our backs at the same time. Try to slowly increase your step count as high as you can throughout the day. I find my aches and pains actually subside for a few hours after a good long walk. Increasing blood flow and warming up those muscles really help short term and long term. Good luck and keep working. It will pay off.