Looking for more motivational friends and support!

If there are any people with tattoos out there, add me!

Or even if you don't have tattoos and they don't bother you, add me!

any age, fitness level, new to mfp or a seasoned mfp veteran, gender, parents or not..anyone! as long as you are respectful, I would love to have you as a friend for more support and motivation!

I have 4 kids, and I've been back at MFP for two weeks now and it's been a slow start and difficult finding friends, so if you're out there... :smiley: I exist. lol


  • quzy07
    quzy07 Posts: 17 Member
    @MashaLaFo4 ! I'm here :) I'm also working to get re-motivated and connected! And yes, I have a tattoo :blush:
  • JDiMascola
    JDiMascola Posts: 48 Member
    @MashaLaFo4 and @quzy07 I am in the same boat. I have been going for a little while, but just started getting back to MFP. We can do this!!!
  • JDMac82
    JDMac82 Posts: 3,098 Member
    4 tats and active daily, post my workouts as ideas for others to try if they want. If you want, add me. Ink doesnt scare me. Agreed they do tell a story!
  • Karendeez21
    Karendeez21 Posts: 4 Member
    Mom of three here, no tats (yet), and definitely in need of some positive motivation!