Lazy meals



  • Lounmoun
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    What calorie count do you want?
    I usually have 400 calories for lunch.
    Sandwich or wrap
    Dinner leftovers
    Yogurt or cottage cheese
    Raw vegetables
    Hard boiled eggs, egg muffins
    Granola bar
    Frozen food
  • leslienicole318
    leslienicole318 Posts: 86 Member
    I like a lean cuisine over Uncle Ben's 90 second long grain and wild rice or with a sweet potato microwaved for 7 minutes and mashed up with butter and cinnamon, or I'll do some canned black beans with shredded mozzarella cheese and uncle ben's rice, or a hungry girl sandwich thin with some chicken deli meat and sliced pepperjack cheese and tomato soup. I do really quick and easy meals all the time because I work and go to school full time
  • Lillymoo01
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    If I am needing to take lunch with me I just cut up a salad and add some protein, be it meat of some sort or egg. Toss in some seeds and nuts if I need those extra calories. Put it in an insulated bag with ice in the morning (no access to fridge or microwave) and off I go. Hubby on the otherhand, often has left overs from dinner for his lunch because he has both a fridge and microwave.
  • Orphia
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    Pre-packaged fish/pasta/veg meals, or fish/rice/veg meals, usually around 1000 kilojoules (250 cals). Usually found in the tuna/salmon section.

    2 minute noodles or noodle soup (1000-1400 kilojoule versions).

    Easy Mac. (1200 kj). :smile:

  • karahm78
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    Frozen meal (Lean Cuisine, Amy’s, Indian, etc)
    Light string cheese or hard boiled egg
    Piece of fruit (melon, cutie, small apple, etc)
    Sugar free Jello cup (10 calorie dessert)

    I like to have several things and varied items to be satisfied, the above gives me that for under 400-500 calories (depending on the frozen entree I choose that day). Takes me less than 3 mins to throw together the night before.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i typically take leftovers from dinner or a sandwich.