800 calories a day weight loss???


Not sure if this would be extreme but I want to eat 800 calories a day while doing 2 hours a day on the elliptical, light weight lifting and a light ab workout. Anyone have feedback or suggestions on this regimen/plans? Thanks!


  • Rose18l
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    Bad idea. As a female you should never eat under 1200 calories. At an amount lower you will not only lose body fat but also muscle mass. In the long run a low amount of calories will destoy the metabolism which makes it harder to lose weight. After excercise you need to eat half the calories back on top of the min. amount of calories.

    I am not sure of your beginning situation/goals so recommending regimen/plans is hard.
  • TavistockToad
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    It's a really bad, really unhealthy plan.
  • amusedmonkey
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    This is the worst idea. You would be severely undereating combined with exercising too much to be fueled by this measly allowance.
  • amyteacake
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    That is a terrible idea. The lowest calories a grown woman should be eating a day is 1200. Doing cardio and weight lifting and only eating 800 calories is not healthy.
  • alealehandraa
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    @Joy5434 don't do that. I tried 800kcal per day with light activity such as cleaning, cooking, walking.. and i still was little slowed down. Now i eat 1200 and still loosing weight. Just eat healthy don't bother counting every calorie because 2hours of workout will give you amazing results.
  • Falklang
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    Yup that is extreme. As others have said, eat a minimum of 1200 calories a day and if you are going to do 2 hours of exercise you definitely need to account for those calories too. I suggest reading the stickies on this forum and start swatting up on the right way to lose fat. :)
  • karsei01
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    Eat more and include weigths. Better to do less eliptical and lift more.
  • bendyourkneekatie
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    karsei01 wrote: »
    Eat more and include weigths. Better to do less eliptical and lift more.
    Or rather do what exercise you enjoy and can sustain, and eat at a sensible deficit that includes calories burned while exercising. If you like the elliptical, use the elliptical.
  • h1udd
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    800kcal one day a week maybe .... but doing it all the time, is recipe for burn out and illness
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