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Diet may have to come to a halt over reproductive health issues

TeachergirlCelesteTeachergirlCeleste Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
Hello everyone I am having some major issues going on with my reproductive health that concerns me. It all started almost a year ago when I caught a sexually transmitted infection(trich). It was cured. Suddenly after I began to have cramps. These cramps have been on going for months until last week I finally had relief. I thought that maybe it was due to me losing weight and taking one a day woman vitamins. However, I am second guessing everything. Even the doctor that told me many months ago that I had ovarian as which was why I was experiencing the pain in the lower abdomen and back.
My period was due last week but it never came. Well, yesterday after working out I took a shower and noticed small blot on the wash cloth I was using. It alarmed me and today I noticed much more small blood clots with thick discharge. I still have not received a full cycle. The cramping and lower back pain is now gone
I read everywhere about what causes this and everything leads to HPV or cervical cancer. I have a doctors appointment with gyn on Wednesday. My last pap smear was normal
My mother who is a nurse still believe it to be hormonal.
Finding out this news and having theses symptoms have discouraged me from wanting to be healthier. I am so afraid of having cancer.
What were your symptoms of cervical cancer, ovarian cyst or any other reproductive health issues


  • Lesscookies12Lesscookies12 Member Posts: 140 Member Member Posts: 140 Member
    Yeah definitely should take a pregnancy test. I did some information about the std you had it seems like it's treatable. I'd recommend seeing a specialist in regards to your pain and cramping maybe an OBGYN, or just a ladies doctor in general.
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  • TeachergirlCelesteTeachergirlCeleste Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
    I'm not pregnant. I haven't had sex in months. I have been having reproductive health issues since 20. Absent periods and now missed period and spotting in the shower a week after period is supposed to be due. No more cramping or back pain. I'm not sure if this is cervical cancer or a cyst
  • PAV8888PAV8888 Member Posts: 7,848 Member Member Posts: 7,848 Member
    Has low energy availability been ruled out? (Low calories for exercise and activity level)
  • mrswinterxmrswinterx Member Posts: 65 Member Member Posts: 65 Member
    Right first of i have had ovarian cysts removed 3 times & I'm due to have another removed.

    I have just had a baby and still look pregnant what i will say is i have had treatment on my cervix for CIN 3 which is changes in the cervix.

    I had lower back and stomach pain i am getting this now again and waiting on my smear results CIN is changes that occur to the cervix and doesn't necessarily mean you will go onto get cancer.

    I know its hard but try not to panic i do have the hpv infection but your body does go on to clear it itself most of the time.

    Go for a smear but stay calm.
  • mrswinterxmrswinterx Member Posts: 65 Member Member Posts: 65 Member
    Ok now I've read a post i missed i do believe you could be suffering anxiety of some sort.

    Stop reading google it will not help you the stress of believing your going to die from any sort of illness will not help your periods.

    I suffer pain from my cervix due to the treatment nothing else and around the time of the month due to my scars from ovarian surgerys.

    Have you maybe consulted the dr about constantly worrying about your health i know it's scary but if nothing comes back abnormal hun try speak to someone.

    And another thing i lost weight during my issues to remain healthy to fight it off not let it beat me.
  • concordanciaconcordancia Member Posts: 5,282 Member Member Posts: 5,282 Member
    Fibroids could cause these symptoms and are not big deal. Stay calm, stop googling symptoms, as even a headache could be indicative of a life threatening illness, and follow up with you doctor.
  • julie_broadheadjulie_broadhead Member Posts: 347 Member Member Posts: 347 Member
    Hello everyone so I'm back to give an update. After seeing countless of doctors even a gynecologist who told me my symptoms were from a UTI, I went to very reputable gyno in the area that told me I have Bacteria Vaginosis and she sent me for blood work at lab Corp for PCOS.
    I was so shocked! BV is diagnosed with a swab and all of my swabs prior were not showing BV. I'm thinking that the gyn prior was not swabbing me for BV just stds because I was diagnosed with one in the past(trich).
    They were so kind and helpful. Thank God I'm feeling some relief after taking the meds. The gyno told me it comes from new sexual partners which I haven't had since last year, soap, and hormones.
    I have an ultrasound next week and the doctor will explain my blood work to determine pcos and thyroid issues

    That's great news! Congrats on your weight loss! I had BV when I was pregnant and it is really easily treated with antibiotics.

    I hope you feel hopeful and encouraged about continuing your weight loss journey!:-)
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