Logging food

Tonight I'm going to a tasting for my rehearsal dinner. I'm assuming I'll just be having a bite or two of a couple different foods, but I don't know how to log it. Thoughts?


  • dragonbug300
    dragonbug300 Posts: 760 Member
    Find the closest items on MFP to what you eat, and estimate a few bites (1/8-1/2 cup probably) of each.
  • ElizabethObviously
    ElizabethObviously Posts: 380 Member
    And if it is something with lotsa ingredients try to break it down by ingredient. Good job on logging even the smallest bites
  • gloriaqzhao
    gloriaqzhao Posts: 40 Member
    Use your phone to take a picture of everything you taste, then log in the food with the closest description with the portion. 1-2 bites is probably 1/4 cup
  • liquidjem
    liquidjem Posts: 138 Member
    I would try to guesstimate as best I could the calories and quick add...Otherwise, it sounds like a pain in the butt trying to break everything down...My mom is doing the cooking for my rehearsal dinner! (That one will not be low fat/low cal, my mother is a FAB southern cook...BUT its one meal so I am not bothered by that! :) )