Snack help!

What do you guys recommend keeping in the car to help stay away from the drive through when you're hungry! I have mini bags of rice cakes (the "chip" flavors, sour cream n onion etc), apples, nuts .. any other suggestions? Thanks!


  • happyauntie2015
    happyauntie2015 Posts: 282 Member
    I have protein bars, almonds, cashews, pistachios and nutrigrain bars
  • Miz_T
    Miz_T Posts: 150 Member
    Gum. I chew a ****-ton of gum.
  • livingleanlivingclean
    livingleanlivingclean Posts: 11,751 Member
    I don't snack, and make it a rule to not eat in the car. I wait until I get home, or have food packed if I'm going somewhere where I'll need a meal, or have a meal out that I've planned for.
  • ivygirl1937
    ivygirl1937 Posts: 899 Member
    Whatever snacks you like to eat and that will work in your day. Personally, I keep a couple of kinds of granola bars that I actually like in my purse at all times just in case I need it (I used to carry stuff I didn't like and wouldn't eat and then realized how silly that was when I had to throw it out months later because it wasn't edible anymore). I also keep things like the 100 calorie bags of chips or popcorn (okay, I'll be honest, I ONLY buy the Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn, that stuff is delicious. Chips I'm kind of "meh" about), Fiber One brownies or something similar if I'm craving something sweet, that kind of thing. Apples are great too. Get what you enjoy in an appropriate amount for a light snack and you'll be just fine. Drive thru isn't tempting when you already have a delightful snack that you enjoy right there waiting for you if you're hungry.
  • dawn_westbury
    dawn_westbury Posts: 358 Member
    Thank you!! Great ideas!! Didn't even think about the fiber one brownies for the sweet craving!!!
  • jlhudsons
    jlhudsons Posts: 30 Member
    I eat pretzels for a snack. I count them out when I eat them and I feel like I am having a treat. They are pretty low in calories. Check the bag for calorie content. I can have 18 tiny twists at 120 calories. Moderation, ALWAYS the key.
  • ksz1104
    ksz1104 Posts: 260 Member
    100 calorie packs, dried fruit, beef jerkey
  • WandaMM1
    WandaMM1 Posts: 132 Member
    Nuts are also a good option - though you have to watch the portions (or at least I do). I can eat almonds and pistachios like I'm in some kind of a competition if I'm not careful. ;)
  • __TMac__
    __TMac__ Posts: 1,665 Member
    Definitely emergency nuts. I keep a container of unsalted almonds in the glove compartment. Unsalted because the salted kind are really easy for me to overeat. The unsalted ones are good when I'm hungry, but as soon as I'm not ravenous, I can stop easily.
  • Rushgirl82
    Rushgirl82 Posts: 223 Member
    I always pack a couple bananas or apples and water. If I get tempted I have one and it works for me.
  • nsprieg
    nsprieg Posts: 24 Member
    Emerald had a decent variety of 100 cal snack packs with almonds, lightly salted almonds, almonds and walnuts, almonds and cranberries.
  • mjy7478
    mjy7478 Posts: 60 Member
    Tuna in oil straight out of the can has to be one of my favorite snacks. My locker at work is full of it as we speak. Healthy and packs one hell of a protein punch
  • kkimpel
    kkimpel Posts: 303 Member
    I buy "lunchbox" apples and keep them about. I also normally have a small bag of nuts. I love rice cakes for when my nerves are at that.. "God, I want to crunch on something" level.
  • megbelievesshecan
    megbelievesshecan Posts: 21 Member
    I like to keep simple things like clementine's in my car to snack on if I get a craving.