giving up artificial sweeteners, tips

any good tips? Other than just bite the bullet and do it.
Thanks! I use in my morning coffee


  • dbhDeb
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    I have problems glucose impairment and it is recommended to not use or keep to minimum
    Why are you giving them up?

    I have problems glucose impairment and it is recommended to not use or keep to minimum.
  • dbhDeb
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    Alimacbean wrote: »
    I use Stevia instead of the others. As of yet, it seems to be the safest and it doesn't have the terrible aftertaste of aspartame.

    I have tried every form of stevia and I just don't care for it
  • mph323
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    I like Splenda better than Stevia. Stevia tastes vile to me!

    Same here. Monkfruit tastes nasty to me too.
  • bbell1985
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    I put 2 sugar in the raw packets in my coffee. When I'm really cutting hard I use steamed skim milk and pretend it tastes really sweet. It does taste sweeter when it's steamed though.

  • lamariana2
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    i put warm skim milk, a little vanilla and cinnamon.
  • ronjsteele1
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    Xylitol is a good option. I can’t stand stevia but xylitol in my coffee is a 1:1 exchange and does not give me a nasty after taste.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    If you are eating at the same time as drinking then you won't notice if you leave out the sweetener.
  • purplefizzy
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    I use this:
    MonkSweet Plus - 5 lb bag - Monk Fruit, Stevia & Erythritol Blend NonGMO Low Carb Sweetener

    It’s a blend and I’m not Erythritol-sensitive.
    (Some people can not tolerate any ‘alcohols’)

    Some people notice a mild mint/cool taste to excessive amounts.
    I only notice if I literally lick it off my fingers.
    Then it’s vile and strange, like any alternative sweetener.
    (But I feel the same way about many things I like as ingredients but wouldn’t dine on solo. )
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    I didn't like the taste of artificial sugar in my coffee so I used real sugar with some half n' half. Then I slowly stopped putting sugar in my coffee. It took me a few months but now I'm only using a splash of half n' half. Hope to eventually get to where I can drink it black. I did that method with sweet tea and now I can't handle sweet tea. Wishing you luck!