People who travel for work!

Help! For the last couple years I have been traveling for work. I can be on the road either a couple days a week or for a week at a time. This includes taking clients out to dinner, conventions, and other such activities. It is usually a lot of food and a lot of booze. I need advice on how to handle these trips, and how to stay motivated when being on the road.


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    I am on the road, like you. Some weeks a couple of weeks and some weeks gone all week. When I travel solo i usually eat a salad from a health food or grocery store. I get extra veggies, yogurt and carry a cooler with me. I bring the left overs home. When I have lunch with clients I try to stick to salad or soup and reasonable sandwich. If it’s a week at a conference where there’s food galore and limited choices I try and make the best food choices of what is available and I try to reduce pertion sizes and est no mid-morning or mid-day snacks.
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    I have had to travel a lot recently and was sifting through old threads looking for advice. This one had a lot of good stuff (can't offer any advice of my own as I'm still figuring it out!). Hope this is helpful
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    When attending conferences, you could always hit up a local grocer. Most hotels have mini fridges and you could always buy things that are convenient and decent (like Greek yogurt). Most hotels have gyms. For dinner, you could always get Diet Coke on ice as your cocktail.
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    Good points, thank you everyone! i got so busy after I posted this that I forgot to see if anyone had responded to me!
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    If I'm travelling alone (i.e. for an event / workshop / conference where I don't have to make nice in the evening), then I hit the supermarkets afterwards. For lunch, most of the times it's buffet and I can usually work some inspired picks into the day. I never eat breakfast at home, but away I do - fat + protein, it keeps me from slipping at 11:00 when most coffee breaks start (mmm, croissants...).

    If I'm travelling with people, it's a bit trickier but definitely not impossible. People want to go at a burger joint? Fine, I'll get a no-bun one. Italian restaurant? Chicken gorgonzola. I'm on low carb and I'm saving my allowance for wine, which during these things I simply can't refuse.
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    I travel every week 3-6 days a week. In the 2.5 years I've been doing it I've gained 80 lbs. That's after having lost 100 lbs. I am mostly on my own and have the ability to choose what to eat. So, I try to make healthy choices like salads and grilled chicken with no bun. Except.... well, there's only so many chickens with no bun you can eat, and then you order that but it comes with fries and they're delicious. Or, you're upgraded to first class on both of your flights that day and it's lunch time and you haven't eaten yet because the flight was delayed so you eat two bags of cheese popcorn (still the healthiest snack in the basket). And then for the next five days you're at the airport executive lounge for lunch and it's the same darn soup every day so you get bored and start eating the nuts and brownie bites... And then you get home and you have no food because you've been gone all week so you go out with your friends and you eat too much! I don't even drink alcohol! I feel like I just can't get myself to track anymore and I need to do something else.
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    @eaoppenheim and @momispuhomis you'll find your method to the madness. Maybe hitting the hotel gym to compensate for those extra bites? I try to stay on my feet a lot more when away and I like to see the cities so there's some 10-15 k of walking on the days in which I get a few hours to myself.

    Full disclosure on my side: When I first started travelling for work, 2013-2014, I developed a sort of travel bulimia. Free endless food in France, Italy and so on was a new thing, incredibly good and hard to resist. Back home I would eat normal, but come travel, I would find myself gorging on dinner and then hogging the hotel loo. It was disastrous and it got me a chronic faringitis among a bunch of other problems. I managed to overcome that with a lot of power of will, and the thought of going back there makes me sick enough to not, ever. That's my best portion control :smile:
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    When I travel I tend to do the same thing as I do on weekends and skip breakfast in favour of leaving more calories for lunch/dinner/drinks, if it's a longer trip I'll just aim for food around my maintenance intake and try to make use of the hotel gym/pool if there is one or get out for a walk to try and create a small deficit through exercise.
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    Yes, I packed my gym shoes and work out clothes. Y'all are inspiring!! I guess it's easy to make excuses, when what is needed is the courage to get out and just do it!