I am confused. I clicked on the APPS section then BMR and I put in my stats and it gave me 1320 calories. Then I went to my fitness/diary settings and updated my stats and it gave me 1200 calories. Why are they different? Is this a silly question? Which one do I follow the 1200 or the 1320?


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    When you go to setup, you enter your goals, too, and your activity level (not counting exercise), not just your stats. Did you by any chance enter a weekly weightloss goal of 2 pounds, and sedentary?

    BMR is just the amount of calories you need per day, to keep your current weight, while completely at rest. This number is only used to calculate your NEAT and TDEE.
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    Well I changed it to 1.5 weekly weight loss and it game a .09 weekly weight loss with 1200 cal. I am 146.4 and 5ft.

    Can I do the 1320 plus workouts and still lose weight or not recommended?
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    You lose weight if you're in a consistent calorie deficit. A deficit you can stick to, is recommended. Since 1320 is what you expend by doing nothing, then eating 1320 and doing something, will result in weightloss. But you might have to lower your expectations - at your weight, 1.5 pounds is a little steep; a good rule of thumb is max 1% of your body weight, and even lower as you get closer to goal weight. If you're losing 0.9 pounds per week, it sounds like you're doing a very good job.