Last 10-15 Club

Hi all! Is anyone interested in my group/challenge? I am needing motivation to lose my last 10-15lbs. Would love to share tips & inspiration on what works & what doesn’t..
If you’re in let’s make some brief introductions, please indicate the following.

Starting weight (heaviest) 199
Current weight 144
Goal weight 130-135
Current plan: WW & MFP (calorie counting)
Short term goals: I would like to be back to my wedding weight on my Anniversary in May. (Was 133, 1 year ago)
What worked for me back then was calorie counting plus keeping my carbs around 100-150/day plus Rebounding daily or every other day. Nothing beats the motivation of getting in your wedding gown. I can’t seem to find that motivation now. So I’m looking to buddy up with some pals here!


  • marley_12
    marley_12 Posts: 17 Member
    Starting weight:187
    Current weight:115
    Goal weight:105-110
    Female, 28yrs old, 5ft.
    Using MFP
    I've been struggling with finding motivation to finally get to my goal. Add me if you'd like.
  • AshesSquared
    AshesSquared Posts: 131 Member
    Starting Weight: 140
    Current Weight: 132
    Goal Weight: ~125
    Current Plan: Beachbody, checking calories of MFP
    I do well for two weeks, then bad for two weeks. My wedding is in less than 8 months so I'm working with the motivation of looking good the first time in my wedding gown! Would love a motivation accountability buddy.
  • lucy_Jada
    lucy_Jada Posts: 37 Member
    I would like to have a motivational accountability buddy as well. I am 5'4,132.4 lbs., and my goal weight is 125 lbs.
  • amgreenwell
    amgreenwell Posts: 1,268 Member
    Getting back into the wedding dress sounds like a great motivator!! My three year anniversary is in May and I've had two kids since that day.

    Starting weight: 160
    Current weight: 148
    Goal Weight: 135-130
    Current plan: MFP logging daily, running c25k three times a week and toning exercises on the days I'm not running
    Add me if you'd like.
  • TJFireworks
    TJFireworks Posts: 11 Member
    I would love to join for motivation.
    Starting weight: 166
    Current weight: 147
    Goal weight: 140
    Current plan: MFP, working out 4 to 6 times a week.No fast food
    Everyone wants to meet for dinner, drinks, etc... so it’s been a challenge.
  • KBroWnie85
    KBroWnie85 Posts: 6 Member
    Would love to join!

    Starting weight: 205
    Current weight: 152
    Goal weight 145

    Height 5’9

    Workout 6-7 times a week and use MFP
  • workinonit1956
    workinonit1956 Posts: 1,043 Member
    Starting weight—173
    First Goal—145
    5’3”, 62 yo
  • beachme14
    beachme14 Posts: 24 Member
    I used getting back into my wedding dress as a goal and did it! It was so much fun getting it out periodically and seeing how much further the zipper went compared to the previous try. It also gave my then 7 year old daughter several opportunities to try it on. The best motivational idea ever!!! I never had a goal weight, just a goal size. Best of luck!
  • skinnynicky53
    skinnynicky53 Posts: 26 Member
    edited March 2018
    Hi all! & Welcome!
    Shall we do weekly weigh-ins on Tuesdays? (I hate Monday weigh ins lol... ) I weigh in daily typically, but we can just report in weekly.
    Hope everyone had a great weekend! I did not track on purpose as we went on a weekend trip. On a plus I booked over 20k steps yesterday!
    So I’m not expecting to lose, I’d be happy with no gain!
    My goal this week is to hit the rebounder 3x, and the gym with hubby 1x!
    Have a great start to your week all!
  • smm0214
    smm0214 Posts: 2 Member
    Count me in!! Currently following WW and just added in MFP. I lost 45 on WW but as I got close to goal, my progress stalled and I've gained 5 back since Jan. Need to get it back off and lose the last few lbs to be at my personal goal weight. Hoping MFP tracking will help.
    SW 189
    CW 150
    GW 138
  • smm0214
    smm0214 Posts: 2 Member
    Weekly weigh-in, I'm at 150.3. It's what I was expecting. I know I lose weight at turtle speed, so my first mini-goal is to be at 145 by April 30.
  • ValeriePlz
    ValeriePlz Posts: 517 Member
    I'm in my last 10 lb. of loss, too, although I probably won't be weighing in weekly as there is already a weigh-in group on here (Fridays: But I need motivation, these last few pounds are harrrd!!

    SW: 200
    CW: 160
    GW: 150
    5'10'', 35 years old
  • Biker_SuzCO
    Biker_SuzCO Posts: 54 Member
    I want to join! I’ve been hoping to lose the last 5-10 since October but the scale won’t budge! I walk or jog 3-5x week 60 minutes, get 10000 steps in and ski/bike on weekends. Gotta stop snacking on the pretzels! I’m just so HUNGRY!

  • quolwy
    quolwy Posts: 41 Member
    edited March 2018
    Hey, I've been dancing around the last 10-15lbs weight loss for a while and gained a bit when I lost motivation. I currently have a bit more than that to my final goal, but my temporary goal is 15lbs away.
    22yo 5'10
    I have a trip across the world to see my friends and boyfriend at the end of April, and I'm hoping to get close to 140 by then :)
    Add me, I log every day and love seeing what other people eat as motivation that I'm doing well!
  • shan_reg
    shan_reg Posts: 80 Member
    SW 395
    CW 230
    TW 217

    I’ve been hovering between 228-231 for about a month. I haven’t changed anything. I know the formula works, so I’m hesitant to do anything differently. I’ve decided patience is the way forward. Add me if you like. (I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating as hell tho.)
  • blucas123
    blucas123 Posts: 14 Member
    Yes, would love to be a part of this group. Need to lose the last 10-15 lbs.
  • nicoleo85
    nicoleo85 Posts: 1 Member
    edited March 2018
    Starting weight:134
    Current weight 129
    Goal weight 120
    Current plan: MFP & going to the gym 5 times a week. I'm pretty good about avoiding as much processed food as possible but I do allow a cheat now and then.

    I kicked myself into gear in late January and have lost 5 pounds gradually. I can't put myself through a huge calorie deficit because I like to eat. This is on purpose so I allow my body to adjust to food choices and smaller portions slowly enough that in the end it's normal and I can do it on my own without MFP.

    My goal is not to be a super model. I'm 5'3 and because I'm short, any excess weight shows fast. I've been 120 before and was pleased with what I could fit into and how healthy I felt.